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Just received the Mace in the mail, first thing I saw is they look fantastic, bulkier then what Spy or even Oakley makes for their goggles, this makes them flush with most helmets. They may not melt into your face but they feel snug and offer a wide vision base and are still comfortable. The angle green/ blue have a darker mirror on the outside with a yellow/ orange filter from the inside, prime for night or dusk riding. Picking up a pair is prime choice for any rider.

Helmet tested with is a giro encore 2 (artist series).

Mace never felt so good on the eyes...


Ok, so everyone says they slip off and I should not get them. I got them anyway, I think they are sweet as milk chocolate, and I love chocolate. Let's do a breakdown,

Nylon cord - Smart idea, less tension breaks because its braided, that means no fading in and out after the jack has been bent too much.
Soft headband- It fits nicer on your head and you don't get those plastic indent feeling from wearing them too tight.
Soft ear pads- They are super soft, feel great on your ear, don't irritate like in ear buds can.
Mic- Why not have a mic, how you going to talk without it?
Style- Let's face it, they look ill.

Slippery(?)- They can be fickle about how they stay on your head, wearing a hat seems to help induce a higher coefficient of friction to the pair, making their grip tighter.

SO, if you have problems with these it is with your fashion not the headphones.

Bottom Line:
These bump sound like your grandma bumps gospel on sundays, and look just as good.

Soft Chillin'


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What can I say, straight VoLcOm baby! This shirt looks good no matter where you are in the park, at school, at your girl's house, or in district. Throw one on you'll feel like you just left the hash cafe and took a stroll to go see the merchandise. It has Volcom's classic light and slim fit Euro cut which means it doesn't just look good but feels good too.
Remember Sex Panther works 50% of the time, all the time.

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