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Smith makes 2 helmets specifically for women:


Also, Rachael Burks, a woman, swears by the Maze helmet, which is a mens helmet:


Does that mean all Smith's helmets fit the same?...not sure but she still uses one. For the record on the outside the Maze and the Allure helmets look exactly the same

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Some things are corky, some things are unique, some things are stylish and some thing are just stupid

These are just stupid, you will never see a worse sight than you wearing these in the mirror, the fold up tight up not any more compact than the lowriders, and the sound is basically what you would expect, pretty awful...but that's %100 to be expected so I didn't knock any stars off for that. They are just so weird, which was also to be expected, but once you open them up and put them on it's on a whole new level of weird.

I bought these for 8 dollars (shipped) and still regret it, I'm puzzled by their very existence in this universe and am currently looking for someone to take them off my hands.

These are modeled of the Koss Portapro, at this price you might as well get the real thing since the portapro headphones are supposed to be very very very good sounding, and if you want something "stylish" then get the Skullcandy Lowriders, I hate the lowriders but finally found something I hate more...the pick ups



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I'm a guy, and picked up the 09/10 models for $80 from an undisclosed location to use on my park board...Ideally I would have bought pair of guys binding but they fit by boots and I couldn't pass up the deal.

That said, these are really comfortable. From a board feel/response perspective these were indistinguishable from my [men's] cartel ESTs....I wouldn't be able to tell the response of the two bindings apart if my life depended on it.

From a comfort perspective however they are worlds apart. Since I bought them my cartels have cut off my circulation after half a day and pinched the toe box on my boots. These solved both problems and for the first time ever I couldn't "feel" my bindings...I was just hooked to by board securely with no discomfort


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Move over Burton Cargo Pant, there's a new king of sub $200 dollar pants. I can't believe how affordable these are, the material is thick and quality, and even has a nice lining. They are plenty weatherproof, just like you would expect. They fit great, nice and roomy so you don't have to size up to be comfortable.....and they're oakley!!

The only con is the pockets: there's only 3, and of those 3 the 2 front pockets are impossible to zip up while you're wearing them...so I just leave em closed and never open them because they're so hard to work with.

That doesn't even warrant a star being taken off though because for the price you could buy a second pair, go to a tailor and have him add as many pockets as you want with the material from the second pair...and then still have saved some money over more expensive pants!

Seriously a great deal, I'm excited to have a pair


I had that happen to me with both these and my EG2's, it happened when I wrapped them up in the bag without letting them properly dry out after boarding...all the moisture built up between the lenses and took a good few hours of room-temp venting to fix

The other thing I've had happen was that fog built up on the inside of the lens, like normal...but it was really cold and I popped them up into my forehead to see, the fog on the inside of the lens turned to ice and then the ice fogged the space between the lenses...did you expose the inside of the lens to the cold air?

I've had terrible problems with fogging ever since I started snowboarding, and so far these have been all but fog proof, and I've definitely put them to the test. they're the best I've seen, and In the past I've gone through top models from Oakley, Dragon, Von Zipper, and Electric (I love goggles a little too much).

While the laws of physics might prevent you from being able to see during really sweaty activities, these will likely serve you quite well under normal circumstances, especially if you don't wear a helmet

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I got the "Shoe Blue" colorway, and after a few weeks of basically no use, there's been some really severe discoloration of the soft touch rubber. I used these snowboarding for a half a day and then for a few hours casually hanging out at Starbucks. After those two uses most of the edges have been discolored to a nasty green color, they look absolutely terrible and the wear does not match the use at all. I haven't abused them at all, most of the times I've stored them they've been put back into the included soft bag! The only other place I've stored them naked is in my Dakine mission which has a grey interior which I don't think would rub the blue and make green.

Thanks to Backcountry's awesome return policy I get to recoup this bad purchase, had it not been for the discoloration I'd be totally happy keeping them because they're just fine for what they are, yes they are definitely not studio quality reference monitors, but you can't snowboard in those can you?


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These goggles hands down solved all the problems I had with my previous pairs, I'll break it down

-EG2: Fogged almost instantly in all conditions except bright sun, couldn't wear a helmet or face mask as both made the fogging much worse
+Phenom: Never fogged on me all day, from a little rain in the morning, to getting pow blasted in my face while riding, to a break in the clouds, to hiking a little uphill and getting pretty heated while wearing my variant brim, to the blistering cold after the sun went down these didn't fog once!....and all in the same day!

-Mace: Really heavy and stuck out way far from the face
+Phenom: Totally light and have a low profile fit

-Fenom (VZ): bad selection of low light lenses
+Phenom (Smith): Sensor mirror is INCREDIBLE!!!! I've never seen a lens that can make the surface appear brighter and more natural looking in cloudy "blue" light, it's like shining a flashlight on the entire mountain, even at night I've never been able to see so clearly, much better than VZ's blue night lens

-A Frame: terrible pressure on the forehead and just tiny all-over
+Phenom: It's been a while since I had my A Frames but these are about the same size if I remember correctly, they provide a more even fix because the frame appears to distributes it's size horizontally instead of vertically, giving you more side to side vision and keeping pressure even and off the forehead

The only con I can think of for these is the lack of mirrored lenses, but other brands have those covered pretty well. If you want pure function then these have to be the way to go.

After riding in these two days I sold my EG2's and bought another pair with the Platinum mirror lens. I've been sold on Smith's optics, they don't mess around and really know what they're doing instead of just trying to look cool


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