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The Sanuk Standard used to be my go to everyday foot gear. I have like 6 different pairs and would wear them everywhere.

Decided to switch it up a bit and purchased the E-Streets and I haven't worn my Sanuks since.

The soles are very comfortable, the shoe is very lightweight and low profile on your foot. I'm not really a fan of tieing casual shoes so I leave them untied and there is no problem in terms of staying on my foot.

I've worn them everyday for over a week with no socks and they still smell fresh.

No negatives at all. The only nitpicking I could do is to say the rubber sole may not be the most durable sole ever. It's a pretty soft rubber and with my week of wear I've seen some light wear in the heel. Nothing I'd worry about.

Great shoe for someone looking for a lightweight, low profile casual shoe that looks great and smells good without socks.

Comfortable, Casual everyday wear


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These are great casual, everyday pants. I have a few pairs and pretty much rotate them throughout the week. I've even worn them climbing and though they are not specifically designed for that purpose, they are stretchy enough to still be comfortable.

They are slimmer fitting pants but it does not look like someone painted them on your legs (as long as you size appropriately to your body type).

My only concern is when I take them off. Obviously I carry my wallet in my back pocket and occasionally my phone. I noticed when I take these pants off my phone and wallet will slide out occasionally. Now this isn't a big deal if you take your wallet and phone out prior to taking off your pants, but sometimes I forget.

I personally find the color choices to be great. They are normal colors that match what you see on the web.

As long as they make these pants I will continue to wear them.