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I've yet to find a technical fault with any of the Burton AK gear! OK it's expensive, but you definitely get what you pay for here! I once used these pants for 21 days straight (and without washing them I might add) and they have been just amazing.

Things to look out for:
- The back pockets scoop up snow and then form ice cubes. Can get cold, but at least the Gore-tex stops ya butt getting damp!
- The size... I ordered the M (I have a 32/34 wasit) as my previous pair of AK's were a M. No Sir! Not on these pants! Burton claim the new fit is supposed to offer a more "technical fit that articulates more naturally with your movements" I say that size M made me look like someone at a gay disco! Size L was just fine for me!
- In my case I chose the acid colour option, which can pick up the dirt a little too easily, including some chewing gum that some gross individual (probably a skier) decided to leave in the cable car!

If I had the money I would have loved the 3L version of these, not least for the extra pockets.


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Theses are some great bindings. I ride them with my Mr Nice Guy and my Burton ION boots. They are light and very responsive. However, the coating on the carbon fiber wears off after a few days and after a few weeks you are pretty much rid of the rubberised coating and left with the raw carbon fiber! I actually really like the exposed carbon fiber so am giving these 5 starts. but if you are one of those peeps who likes everything to look new all the time... then these may not be for you.

I'll post a picture if anyone's interested.

I have noticed that with the last years Burton bindings I have had to drop from a Lare to a Medium. I take a size 10US boot, which used to fit the large bindings just perfect, but now they tend to wiggle and run out of strap.. so I've dropped to a M


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This 3-in-1 combo makes sure you are set no matter how the weather changes. When the temp drops below -15c then I use all 3 layers together. Above these temperatures the base liners and the Gore-Tex shell keep me sorted. When the temperatures really sore, I just use the liners. The shell and down mitten (middle layer) can easily be shoved in a pocket so there's no reason to have to choose what gloves to take with you when leaving for a day on the hill.

The gloves have proved hard wearing and have shown no sign of wear or leaking after a months use, every day, for 6 hours... ish. Actually, the liners have started to bobble... but that's it.


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"Burton pre-wired the Imprint 5 liner for Therm-ic heat packs" If you are considering buying these boots just for their heating elements, don't bother (in my opinion). You have to spend MORE money to get the battery packs and the charging units! The battery packs weight a fair bit too and can end up flying about if they slip loose. Therm-ic do a Lithium battery pack which is much lighter and lasts much longer in the cold... but guess what, you have to spend MORE money, an extra $100 for those! And then, after a hard days shred you forget to put the buggers on to charge over night... it's back to the stick on toe warmers :(

In my opinion, don't buy these boots just because of the option to use Therm-ic heat packs.. buy them because they fit ya like a glove and keep ya riding sweet all day!


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I've got the Matt Black Bern Watts with the Knit liner. The liner includes the audio system... which they may have excluded on later models as it seems to break with in the first few days of use!

Aside form the audio system, the helmet is perfect for me! There are loads of vents which allow me to vent all the heat I generate digging myself out of snow drifts. The knit liner is very comfy and really keeps the back of my neck warm. The helmet is also surprisingly light when compared to some others.

My only complaints with the helmet is with the audio system.. only one of the speakers in the knit liner works and the speakers rub my ears after a few hours of use. I've tried numerous times to get through to Bern customer support to get this issue sorted but I've not had any response.

If I had the choice to have this helmet with or without the audio system, I would choose to leave it out! I have my iPod head phones after all :)


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I've been sporting the Burton ION's now for the last 3 season. They are an excellent fit and I've yet to find another pair of boots to rival them for fit and comfort.

My original pair were the regular lace-up's and I never had any problems with them. They just got worn out!
My 2nd pair sported the Speed Zone lacing system which is quicker, and much better at distributing pressure evenly across the boot. The only downside was that the early boots suffered from a lot of problems with the plastic guide for the lace being pulled out of the boot when you pull the lace system. Burton replaced the boots without any fuss and the 2nd pair have lasted out 12 weeks now!

The only other issue I have is that over the 12 weeks the boots have really softened up... this is not a problem as long as you keep hold of the bones that slide into the tongues of the boot

I would have give the Burton ION's only 3 stars, but the excellent warranty pushes to the boots to "pretty cool" - 4 stars


Unanswered Question

Oi! When I search for this little beauty on your site I see that it's on offer.. but when added to the basket, no cigar! What's the deal here?

Questions for you.
1) Can you now use this device with 16GB memory cards
2) What other options are there? Is there anything else in a similar price bracket? Maybe a device that goes to 640x480 on the res?
3) My concern here is that the batteries may only last 10 minutes in -10c at a speed of 30mph... ok ok, 15mph!

Thanks, aDam

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I went to the Jamie Lynn Phoenix 154 from the Youth in Asia 152.
My aim was to give me as much flexibility in the park and with flat tricks as the Youth in Asia offered but with the ability to ride powder and cut through ice with the BTX system. Best of both world right?

I've rated the following out of 10
On Piste - 7 - Solid feel but slow moving
Powder - 5 - OK if you are moving with speed but you still have to work hard to keep afloat (the Banana shape is supposed to help out here)
Jibbing - 3 - solid enough for rails but I found the board too stiff to work flat tricks
Park - 6 - No metal edge on tip and tail makes for some safe rail antics and the stiffness of the board makes for some solid landings/take off's
Over-all Feel - 7

Like I say, my aim was to get a board that had the flex and pop to get some great jibbing but also allowed me to hit the rest of the mountain without having to head home and dig out a board for shredding and surfing the powder. Unfortunately this board falls somewhere in the middle of all that and fails to do anything particularly well. It's also worth noting that this board is fairly heavy when compared to other similar boards from Burton etc.

If I were to buy this board again I would go for the larger 157 or even the 160 and use it solely for riding the groomers, piste and powder :)