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Less is more is the theme of this helmet. It has minimal adjustments and that makes it very convenient. Just like a baseball cap, the liner has a plastic adjuster in the back. Since this is to protect your head it has two rows of adjusters and they are thicker and tougher than a baseball cap.
The helmet looks good. I got it to match my Marmot bibs and the color is spot on! At first I thought the visor was going to annoy me when I popped the goggles up, but it does not. It's a purely aesthetic element, but I like it.
I wanted an easy way to drop in headphones and this helmet accommodates. I was unhappy with the fact that there is no way to secure the headphones once they are in, so I had to bust out the sewing kit and sew the ear flaps shut with the headphones inside (just a few threads to keep them from shifting). A couple of pieces of Velcro is a much more elegant solution and would keep the liner washable, but I was in a hurry.
The price on it is quite good right now, so for the money it’s a great value.

Pretty good helmet!


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I love bibs in general because they offer unparalleled weather protection. Here are the reasons I don't love these bibs:

1. The zipper goes from top of the bibs down to the crotch, this means that to pee in the woods, you have to open the jacket and unzip. This could easily be solved by having a double zipper working from both ends...
2. The straps allow for the plastic rectangle that hold them in place to rotate. This means that when you set your straps length, at some point during the day they will become longer bu about an inch. It looks crappy and it changes your settings.
3. The straps don't stay in place. Only if I wear a backpack, can I ensure that the straps don't slide off my shoulders. My other brand solved this by putting a non-sliding material on the inside of the straps which works great!
4. The vents are tiny. I ride in Colorado and the mornings can be very cold, and by the afternoon it can be downright hot. The tiny vents barely make a difference.

The bibs are durable, I have tested that. They are colorful and fun, but they don't live up to the asking price. I will be avoiding this brand in the future.


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I wisely ordered an L and an XL to make sure I had one that fit. The return process was super simple. I spoke to a number of individuals with no hold time and each was remarkably pleasant.

I needed the XL although usually I fit in a L. The jacket is nice and warm. I was apprehensive of the vents in the front, but even with a backpack on, I have good access and plenty of ventilation. I would say they cool me off better than pit zips because they are are not covered by my arms. I can really feel the airflow when I am cursing. Only thing I would add is a pocket on my sleeve for my ski pass. Everything else is solid.


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I got this for my wife. Actually I got her two different helmets and she picked this one based on fit and look. The helmet looks sharp. It's light and has a zipper in the ear piece for generic audio integration. (I use the term generic in a very positive way as almost any 3rd party audio system will work.) The brim takes some getting used to, but that's just re-training the brain to lift the goggles. My only complaint is the harness that goes around the head on the inside. It has too many moving parts, on the other hand it's very adjustable, so it is a matter of preference. My wife loves it and that's good enough by me.