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So I've been rockin either a-frames or wisdoms as long as I've been snowboarding, but I recently handed down those goggles to other peeps because I finally bit the bullet and placed an order for a set of oakley customized crowbars. Anywhoo, the custom goggles were taking so dang long to assemble because a part was backordered that I went out to the outlet mall one day to score a pair of goggles on the cheap to tide me over till my crows finally came in.

Found the 2010 Ambush Burnt Retina W/Fire Iridium Lens for $40 at a Zumiez! Totally lucky, I guess they were a barely used return or something.

So yeah, I was kind of hesitant to rock a goggle that wasn't oakley's top of the line, but let me tell you, the Ambush is a great goggle if you can find a good deal on it. They were just as clear as my A's and Wisdom's, and oh so steezey. In fact, I was rockin them on a SUPER foggy overcast day and I could actually see better with the fire iridium lens than I expected. Overall a great choice if you can't swing the extra $30 for Crowbars. I say get em!

steeze by surprise!


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Picked up this hoodie on brosciety and it's def my new favorite. That being said though, the description is a little misleading as the hood is NOT removable. Other than that though, I've gotten more compliments on this hoodie than any other I've owned and it's the softest cotton too. Overall dope, they just need to adjust the description.