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most comfortable boot i've owned.

true to size as far as i'm concerned. i use a size 10 boot and street shoes. my feet are regular width and about 10.6 inch long. from loose to tight of boots i've worn:

vans, burton progressive, forum musket, dc rogan, ride orion

rogan is as tight of a size 10 i would use. well the ride orion's are probably doable too if you like it super snug. vans boot was much too loose, burton progressive and forum musket have very similar sizing. but forum musket beat out the burton for comfort and also.. much lighter. between the orion and musket not sure which is lighter but both are definitely super light weight. rogan isn't bad for weight either.

i'll stick with forum boots from now on unless something changes my opinion. also as far as build quality/finish i'd say forum boots are the best. vans/burton/ride are good. DC is a step below.

i was a bit reluctant to try forum boots due to lack of reviews anywhere on the internet but i'm glad i gave them a shot.


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Like any other snowboard boots they are best to try out in person rather than just going by a numerical size. For street shoes I wear size 10 vans/converse/keds/reebok and the size 10 DC rogan fit just right out of box.. actually just a tiny bit snug yet still comfy. Depending on how much they do or do not pack out I may need to crank down on the toe box/lower laces a bit more to keep it snug.. but it's as good and comfortable of a boot that I've ever tried. Tried on my brother's Burton Progression boots size 10 and I'd say the fit was very similar. Vans size 10 boots on the other hand are too loose for my feet.


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pretty warm when used for a day of snowboarding.

but why is the hood so big? is it just mine? the hood looks like its XXXXL sized (size M jacket). i could fit a 8 inch mohawk under it. and also it always comes to a point that sticks straight up.. i look like a xmas elf wearing it.

i'm contacting electric to see if its a defect or is the hood meant to be this way?

other than the issue with the hood, the quality is decent, the finish is where it loses some points.. the material looks a bit cheap. not bad for the price though.

also, i'll update once i talk to electric, but if this is the way the hood is supposed to be.. i'm knocking it down to 2 stars.. its basically unusable the way it looks.