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the most comfortable boots I have used in my 7 years of sb. as soon as I bought these boots I was sticking nasty roastbeef grabs off a hip with style. I had burton hail and 32 ultralights and tm2. these boots blow them out of the water on comfort. these are deff. on the flexy side of boots. I almost rolled my ankle in the boot on a squirly landing, but I wasn't tightening them properly. after I sinched down on the liner pull string and cranked the velcro strap on the outside, no problems. warm on cold N.E. days, no pressure points at all, sick!!


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have the 08 version.wore these boots most of this year. depending on your bindings, you have soo much board feel with these boots(freestyle guys take note). they are lighter than my skate shoes! no joke. I had no problem with them fitting in my rome or burton bindings. like the other reviews said, the liners can be hard to take off due to the material and my sweaty ass feet, but i just loosen the laces a bit more, no prob. and this years supposedly has liner vents so maybe not as much of a problem.and they are a bit more on the stiff side due to the outer portion being diped in their special resy so I also ride mine a little looser. never any problems with heel lift, Very true to fit!! if you wear bigger socks or want some wiggle room, go up 1/2 size cause sometimes my toes slam agianst inside of boot,ouch(but I got monster 13's) overall smaller boot imprint due to reduced materials so lessens toe overhang. only con I can think of is since they are a minimalist disign, the liner is a little thin and isn't as comfortable(got a lil packed out) as when I first rode them at beggining of year. sweet boot overall. I love 32!! tm2 also rock for all mountain.


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This is just my opinion, and some might say i ride rough, but my board didn't stand up to rail use. I ride mostly park in the northeast. I had this board for 6 days. In the first 5days i can say the board was light, poppy, mid flex, super responsive, great dampening, stable at high speeds, and super fun. But on that 6th day, the same thing that makes this board fun (slimewalls) was the downfall! I hit a burr on a round rail doing a boardslide and it caved in my edge like a semi-circle and pushed my edge out on the bottom. Totally wrecked the board but landed my trick. That i wouldn't call good craftsmanship! 6 days on snow!! Come on!! But i tore the base and edge out and super glued base from an old board covered with marine eppoxy and it came back to life. Best rock board i have ever had. Maybe you will have better results


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I also thought these were soo comfortable, light, and responsive at first. Then less than a month later of "normal riding" the cable broke when I was on the top of the mountain. not cool! I am returning them and going with the formula!