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Fits my macbook air and a few other essentials perfectly. I've also used it to carry my camera and other accoutrements of a day out. I love that it is not too big. The only thing I wish it had is a pocket that fits my cell phone better, but I guess that wouldn't really be in keeping with the vintage designation.


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I wanted a board that was fun and flexible, could float through powder, absorb landings, and hold an edge on the infamously icy slopes of New England. Too much to ask? No, Never Summer was up to the task. This board is a ton of fun, but can hold a serious carve. The rocker between the feet prevents you from plowing under when you find that precious powder stash. However, it is a little tricky to learn to one-foot elegantly - I'm still getting used to that part, but that seems like it is par for the course for a rockered board. Because it is also cambered, it still has great pop and great edgehold...a level of it that I think is similar to magne-traction, but without to tendency to be catchy. The graphic is minimalist but really eye-catching...I have gotten so many compliments on this board that I ran out to buy a lock. If you can't decide on length, I would suggest sizing up in this board if you want a little more dampening. This board is so springy, my new hobby is slapping things with the tail as I pop over anything from spines to kickers (oh yeah, and I couldn't do any of that stuff before I had this board).

The bottom line is that this board has made me a better rider, and I can take it all over the mountain, eliminating the need to change boards.


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I tend to be a little skeptical of newfangled binding systems, having previously (not so long ago) owned a pair of flow bindings that weighed as much as cinder blocks and were about as responsive as cinder blocks. Ever since then, I approach new strap-in systems warily.

I had read several positive reviews of K2's Auto system, which takes away the need to ratchet down both a toe strap and ankle strap. Both straps are still there, but they are joined by an internal cable system, so when you tighten the ankle strap, the toe strap locks down as well. For me, it was a tossup between these and Union Trilogy bindings, but the K2s won out because of price point (I would still be very happy to have the Unions as well).

When I received the bindings, I had a couple of questions, which included wondering whether the Auto system would really be much faster than conventional two-strap bindings, and whether there was any technical advantage to this system, and wouldn't it make them heavier? The answers to these are yes, yes, and no. After getting used to the system, I find myself strapped in and ready to go well ahead of my comrades. Second, I feel more secure in these bindings than any other pair I've ridden, but without pressure points. Third, they are very light.

The ride is extremely well supported and responsive with these bindings. I would also describe them as precise - they do exactly what I want them to. I can hold a good carve in them, but when I get into the park, they are forgiving enough to flex at low speed, and absorb landings quite well. The setup seems daunting at first (I wish the directions made more sense) but they were easy enough to figure out. My only complaint is that I haven't figured out how to get out of them elegantly just yet...you kind of have to give the toe strap a little kick to release it. But I think I will get the hang of this eventually.