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This goggle not only fits great with my Smith Voyage helmet, but the field of vision on this frameless lens is the best of any goggle I've ever had. There is not gap (forehead freeze) between the goggle and the helmet.

I love this Polarized lens and it was worth the extra money. I also have the blue Sol-X mirror lens for sunny days and the low-light extra lens that came along. But this rose polarized lens is the one I always seem to use. It blocks out the right amount of sun on bright days, and also has great contrast in lower light conditions.

I highly recommend this lens.


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I have this helmet and what I like about it the most is the LIGHTness in weight. It was a few ounces less than the 2 models that are more expensive (and the one that has the visor).

When it came down to it this was the one that just happened to fit me the best. And quite honestly I couldn't really see any quality difference between this one (less expensive) and the other two that were more expensive. Perhaps the more expensive ones had 4-5 more vent holes.

If you try on all three of the top models and this one fits you the best, go for it. No reason to pay more unless you specifically like/want the visor and a few more vents.

From my view the visors just gets in the way of taking your goggle up and down. If you ski in snowy conditions alot perhaps you like the visor.

Also all the top Smith models enable you to drop in the Skull Candy headphones, and they sound just fine. I like that the placement over the ear but under the fabric enables you to still hear what is going on around you as compared to in-the-ear headphones. So headphones worth the extra $50 to me.

I also purchased the Smith I/OS frameless goggles. On my head they fit perfectly right under the Helmet without any gap on my forehead. (no cold brain freeze).

Lastly, this Helmet comes in a nice choice of colors if you buy them online. Try them on in the physical store, then order them online so you have a greater choice of colors!

Hope this is helpful.