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Dogfunk really needs to take their own photos of this. The blue looks nothing like the photos. It looks like a nice glossy blue color. In reality it looks purple and has a matte finish.

I've never bought anything that was such a variance from the stock photo. Thanks Holden for your amazing photoshop skills.


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The idea of a "shant" (short pant) is great but Dakine needs to tweak these...

I've been eyeing up Burton's shant pant for a few seasons but since I dont support Burton, I've been waiting for someone else to release one.

The purpose of the "shant" is to be shorter so it is not inside of your boot getting bunched up and potentially causing pressure points to your foot. The pant leg should end right above the boot.

When you put these on, they do end in the proper place. The problem however is that once you bend your knees (riding, jumping, etc) the pant leg instantly rides up to your knee. What happens then is you get a "gap" of uncovered leg (all socks start to inch down as you ride) resulting in a VERY annoying/distracting feeling. The problem is also compounded by the fact that the bottom does not have any sort of elastic cuff to hold its position. It is just a folded over hem which allows the leg opening to easily ride up to your knee.

IMO, Dakine needs to add a few more inches in length, allowing you to pull the bottom of the pant leg above your boot but also allowing room for knee articulation.

I've had some futile success by putting my socks over the pant legs to hold them in place but it only works 50% of the time. After 10 annoying days in these, I'm switching back to my full length base layer.


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This is a great pair of slim fitting fleece pants to be worn as an extra layer on frigid days.

The sizing chart is perfect. Do not oversize.

These should be worn over your normal base layer and under your outer layer. It is meant to add insulation to your outer layer but not to replace your normal base layer or its properties.

I use them everytime the temp is less than 20*F. Worked great in 0*F with wind chills into the -10*F.


These are noticeably thinner than any other liner glove out there. About half as thin. They also dont have any of that nice grippy material that every other liner glove comes with which is another drawback.

Lastly, the touchscreen tips feel like you have weird stickers stuck on your fingertips which is annoying.

I thought I wanted these but I'm returning them as the three drawbacks I mentioned arent worth switching from my other liners.