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Pretty cheap, simple-to-read face. This is my normal everyday watch. I got the all-black face and all-black strap (but in rubber. I kind of regret that. The cloth band looks cooler.)

I have a pretty small wrist (I'm asian and skinnier-than-average) and this fits perfectly. The watch doesn't look obnoxiously big.

Simple, stylish, and if it gets banged up you won't feel terrible about the $70 price tag.


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This watch looks fantastic. My favorite are the black ones: one with green dials and the other with orange. They go great either casually or dressed up. Yes, these can go to any formal occasion, as long as you don't mind $1000 watch aficionados eyeing you down. It looks high-end to the casual observer.

Now, the description of the watch is off. There is no second hand. Instead, the colored large hand is the minute, the smaller silver is the hour. There is ANOTHER hour hand on the bottom and a date hand on the top.

That's right 1 minute hand, 2 hour hands, 1 date hand. No second. It would've been awesome to see the seconds ticking away, but alas, no such luck.

In summary, though, a great-looking watch.


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This pack's great if you don't need to carry much. A couple articles of clothing, a bottle or two, some accessories, and yes, a board (skate or snow).

I should note that if you carry a skateboard, your grip tape will probably scuff up the fabric of the backpack. Also, this thing can only hold 2, maybe 3 normal school-sized textbooks. It's very flat.

After I got out of college, I take this with me to work as a schoolteacher. It's holding a 17" laptop (very tight fit, but my comp's huge anyway), a water bottle, tupperware of lunch, and a sweater.

AWESOME hidden little zipper on the left backpack strap.