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This is my second pair of Vasque Talus. The first pair are about a year old, and still going strong, but I just bought a second pair 1/2 size larger to preserve my toenails on longer hikes.

I've probably owned 6 or more different pair of Vasque boots over the years, and have found all but the Breeze 2.0 to be comfortable, durable, and supportive, and a pretty good match to my foot shape; low instep, slightly wide but soft fore-foot, and narrow heel/achilles.

I find I prefer more of an approach shoe vs a backpacking or mountaineering boot. The Talus strikes a nice balance for me. The full-length molded polyeurethane midsole provides great stability and cushioning, with a longer life than the EVA midsoles used in many boots in this category. The Vibram Nuasi outsole provides great traction, and has been very durable. They're harder than the Vibram Stealth soles I've had on some other Vasques, so they don't scuff floors as easily, but only provide moderate traction on frozen surfaces. The Talus' outsole provides very good wet traction, and of course dry, so unless you're planning on doing a lot of hiking in ice and snow, the Nuasi sole will probably be fine.

The styling is classic Vasque one-piece nubuck. My year old pair look practically new, and have not had any problems with wetting out, or soaking through. Ankle support is very good, and is probably aided by the very supportive PU midsole. Break-in is almost non-existent, with only minor irritation caused by ankle padding needing to mold to my individual ankle shape. Nothing that can't be accomplished in a couple of shorter hikes, before trying to tackle an all-dayer/multi-dayer.

The Talus seems to fit true to size, but at age 51, I think my feet might be spreading (along with everything else) which might explain my feeling slightly crowded in my usual US Men's 8.5. The size 9 definitely give me more wiggle room, without sacrificing stability or support.

Maybe the best Vasque's yet for my needs!


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The lacing system is hit or miss; great when they stay tight, but frequently slip, leaving the fit loose and sloppy. Fit like slippers, and provide decent support and traction. I wouldn't recommend for anything more than lightly loaded day hiking, or more rocky/technical terrain, as their very lightweight, and don't provide as much support or traction as a full-blown hiking/backpacking boot.

More versatile than sneakers for sure, but not very breathable. What's the point of a waterproof shoe, if your foot gets soaked from the inside?

Contagrip soles provide OK traction, but wear fairly quickly and just OK traction on wet/frozen surfaces.

With a better lace system, these would make great trail-runners, or light hikers, but breathability would still be an issue for me, and a little more aggressive tread, and some more support would suit my uses better, so I'm going to try my luck with some Vasque Talus WP's next time around. YMMV


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I bought these to replace a pair of Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX Mids size 8 that are a tad on the small side. I ordered the Comet 3D in size 8.5, but found they had the exact same sole length as the XA Pros, and an even more crowded toebox. I've had the XA Pros for a little over a year, and they are extremely light, and for the most part, comfortable, although not very breathable, and the lacing system kinda bites. I did experience some pretty good toe-jam on longer descents, and wanted a little more support, traction, and wiggle room for the toes in the Comet. The size 8.5 Comet is no larger than the size 8 XA Pro, and the last is not nearly as comfortable. I already lost both my big toe nails on my last 14'er hike, and am not going to repeat the same mistake again. I could have exchanged for a size 9 and taken my chances, but aside from the crowded toe box, the overall fit and finish of the Comet was sorely lacking compared to the XA Pro 3D, so I'm returning for a refund and trying a pair of Vasque Talus WP's instead.

Short story; I would recommend upsizing 1/2 size from your normal shoe size, and would not recommend the Comet to anyone with a slightly wide fore-foot. These boots may make some people happy, if they've got the right foot shape, and their feet don't sweat too much. They just felt too crowded to me, and too clunky for lightly loaded day hikes. They would probably work well for someone looking for more support on more technical hikes, or for carrying heavier loads when backpacking. They would probably require a little more break-in than the XA Pro, but will definitely provide more support and traction with the more aggressive tread pattern. Can't really speak to the treads ability to clear debris or hook up in wet/frozen conditions, but based on my experience with other Salomon Contagrip soles, and the poor fit of the Comet with my foot shape, I'm not willing to take a chance on the boots suddenly becoming more comfy or grippy.