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This binding totally works. Had it out 30 to 40 days on the hills, and zero problems. Rock solid hold. Totally consistent. Zero adjustments to the straps after I set them up. I was worried that the highback angle adjustment screw setting might change, but it didn't budge, either. In order to fold the highback down for travel I had to undo one side of the top strap, but I just set it at the mark it was at when I put it back together and that did it. No sweat, same feel, same performance. I have zero complaints about these babies. The gold aluminum base looks gorgeous, too. Going to ride them another year, hopefully with zero problems again, and will report back in a year.


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Rode this binding five days, and so far so good. Quick in and out, rock solid hold on the boot, shiny orange looks great. Everything as advertised so far.

Best way to put it on for me:
- Boot in
- Highback up
- Close mainstrap thing
- Raise highback lock thing.


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Note - If these goggles did indeed fit over my glasses, I'd give them a five-star rating. I've had the not-OTG (Over The Glasses) TurboCams for years with the lens-holder jobbie they sell which has consistently worked very well for me. But I needed to change to my new lens prescription, so I tried the OTG version to save a few bucks overall. Didn't work. I'm not sure if the nose-contact area of the goggles or just the goggle lens hit my glasses, but at least one of them did. So I bought new lenses for the insert and am back in business. Glad I can return the OTG's to backcountry.com.