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The pop is good and I could ollie really high on any terrain, with exceptional flex on this board, which aligns well for park riding. The plus with this board is it also is super fun and easy to ride in any powder conditions with tons of float. That's somewhat rare for a 'park' board, though technically Burton labels this all-mountain I think to get a few more people who are new to the sport to buy it. It technically is all-mountain but mostly if you're planning to ride like 80% park / 20% other.

Overall weight of the board is good and swing weight is minimized so you should be able to get really good height/distance off jumps and kickers and be able to spin pretty well. However the soft flex is going to limit huge landings except for the most advanced riders out there, pretty much.

That's the good, I'll tell you the part where this board frustrated me to ride and that was in hardpack or any kind of bumpy tracked snow. Will definitely stick to my traditional board in any of those tougher or variable conditions. Just not fun at all and more of a hassle to get through to the calmer sections (and I consider this a real "funboard"). This is my first wide board and even though I was borderline, the extra waist width was appreciated. Definitely recommend it for anyone with a size "L" binding and I easily avoided any toe drag. No noticeable decrease in performance from reduced sidecut.

Also I hated the rails on this thing out of the box since the info pasted on the board and everything else I read said it was fully de-tuned. They say you can't catch an edge on this thing (even though I slightly did on a tracked out powder run on day 1), but that's true only if you detune it yourself. My board didn't even want to slide sideways on the hard packed snow in the liftline so I could go around people and catch up with a few friends. Not what you think of when imagining a park board. Easy way to catch something on any manmade feature.

I also rode the same model year Custom Flying-V in Whistler (Spring '11) for 2 days and prefer that board slightly to this one, if you're only going to ride one board all season long. It's more versatile, not as annoying to ride over choppy snow, has just a little more stiffness (liked takeoffs and landing it on jumps), and comes with a better base. Though if you prefer to never ever wax your board, the Blunt base is going to hold up pretty good for you. If you want more speed than this board can provide, get a sintered base like on the Custom Flying-V.

Also this comes complete with the ridiculous "handmade in China" clear sticker on the tail, so if you're wondering how Burton makes them a little bit cheaper for what they consider to be a slightly more downmarket board, well there you go. You can hold out for a board made in North America if you want to protest against this ugly little feature.


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Soooooooooo... this is the price for ONE of these bad boys? And I assume you need a minimum of TWO?

Is there any reason this is not indicated in the product description?! The text suggests that you don't need to buy multiple, just attach it to your roof rack and go. I can't imagine (from the guru's photo) that one of these would nearly do the job, how in the world would it keep from flying off your roof, let alone balance with any real stability to not move around and do damage to either the board or your car? Inexcusable!

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Very solid all around gloves and I would buy these again in a heartbeat. For the price I paid on sale here, I practically could buy two for the same price as other similar gloves.These are my third pair of Dakine gloves I've ever owned and they always last me at least two seasons. In fact the Dakine pipe gloves ('07 Viper) I'm still using are on their third season and still going strong.

I always wear L in gloves (Dakine or Burton) but in these I had to get XL. For some reason my usual size fit me snugly, even a bit too snugly, and this was even before I'd ever tried the supplied fleece liners.Exchanged them for an XL and they fit just a tiny bit loose, but this was enough for my fingers to articulate and move around comfortably. That allows me to wear the liners on extra-cold days with no problem. But they're usually warm enough without, so I rarely need it, just an extra bonus.

These gloves are extremely dry in addition to being warm enough. I have not tested them in the wettest or harshest of conditions but have worn them twice in a couple of different types of days we had and they worked great in both. The thing which is a concern for these gloves is the cuffs are a little bit unusual. They are not quite designed as a true "under" glove which fits snugly around your wrist with no gaps, underneath your jacket (highly preferred for me). It seems to me by studying the issue, they probably changed the design since the previous model, which makes the cuff slightly looser, but is not really an improvement. For this reason I tend to fasten the velcro as tight as it will go around my wrist (not very), and then pull my jacket sleeve down over it, but it inevitably pops out at least part way while I'm strapping into my bindings after getting off the lift. A bit of annoyance, but something I've learned to deal with. I also think a slightly looser cuff would let some of the heat out of your gloves though on very cold days. However, if you wear wristguards or a watch these will definitely fit over them. So I think that was part of the reason they're designed like this. The liners supplied with these are a hair loose but still work, though they should fit just a bit more snug, not have the same internal size as the outer glove. Doesn't make sense.FYI, as I write this the style of some of the colors pictured are actually the 2009 (last year's) model. The actual ones I received were different and indeed this year's model. You can tell the difference because the latest version have a nylon section sewn directly over the knuckles in black which resembles a "W" (like the logo for Wu-tang), whereas the older versions have what sort of resembles the letter "U" right below the knuckles on the back of the palm.


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These are a good pair of women's snow pants and very warm. I bought them for my girlfriend but I had to return them because they are 2005-2006 model but it doesn't say anything about it on the website. I was under the impression they were the latest and greatest.

The only real differences are: 10k waterproofing not 15k, cargo pocket design is slightly different, and the liner is a kind of velour whereas on the '07 it's like nylon.

FYI the reason they run half a size small is because of the liner. Think of wearing a pair of pajama pants under snow pants. If you zip out the liner they fit the same as a normal pant, so if you need the extra room and/or are a little bit taller order a size up.


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These boots are a little heavy, but other than that, I love them. They're about 7.5 out of 10 on the stiffness scale, which is just what I was looking for. Perfect for pipe or some aggressive park runs, but capable of attacking the entire mountain. The inside lacing helps a lot as does the velcro system. The laces don't go all the way up, which is a good thing since doing my laces is usually one of the main things slowing me down and keeping me from charging the mountain. My previous boots were the Burton SL6, which were good but expensive, and not quite as stiff as these. Therefore I prefer these and that's why I bought them to replace my old ones. Absorbtion system is good and the heat moldable liner is an added benefit. They come in 3 different color schemes, black, brown, and white with lime green trim, giving riders wanting these boots plenty of options. If I could, I'd give these 4.5 stars, but rating system doesn't allow half points. Great value for the price.

like other VANS boots these run a good 1/2 size small so I had to go up to the next half size.