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I had an older pair of these when one bud went out. Skullcandy is really great with warranties, if its a manufactuarer defect they replace it, if its from "extreme listening" they give you a decent discount on a new pair.

Anyways, the sound quality is decent in these, cancels out noise around you pretty well, I use them for sleeping other places alot even without music they double as decent ear plugs. They are not however that comfortable, they cause an earache for me after awhile. The little gels will rip off and get lost and you'll be left with a $70 pair of headphones that are useless. The cord on some styles is a metal clear coated, its thick, sticky and becomes a hassle if you've got your ipod in a pocket or something, its also heavy enough to pull out the ear bud at times. The only plus to these were the added mic/control piece on the cord, but infact just adds more weight and pulls them out of my ear even easier, unless i'm sitting dead still..

all in all, not great for the price they seem to give alot of people trouble.


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These seem to run a bit big, I went down a half size, probably could have a whole size. Only a half a size down was better for me because the back around the heel is quite a ridge, which might be pretty annoying to most people. I found it horrible when I first tried them on, then loosened the laces and they were better. I wouldn't reccommend a walk-a-thon in them though. You can usually pick up atleast one color way of these shoes at nike outlet stores for pretty cheap. Overall a decent shoe for a summer day relaxing.


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I got these from a friend at nike, I'm not sure if I got them before they were available to the public but I sure did get alot of compliments on them, people always said how they hadn't seen nikes like that. They're comfortable and not too narrow or wide, I have wide feet which usually makes shoes look like they're rolling inwards but not with these. Good construction and are a solid shoe, I'd reccommend them for sure, they are decent to walk distances in too which isn't usually true about most womens 6.0 shoes.