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I received these boots from 32 after they warrentied my Vela's (the stitching in the tongue came undone & the tongue was pulling out of the boot.) Since my Vela's packed out quickly I went down a half size in the lashed, hoping that they would last longer. Nope! I have had these boots for about 2 months, and they have packed out a crazy amount,I get awful heel lift. Boots are supposed to last about 100 days, and these have no more then 60 days on them, and feel like they are 2 seasons old. These boots are also not very waterproof, my feet are always damp at the end of the day, even if its not very wet out.
I would not buy these again.


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I have had this bag for a couple years now, and it has been on quite a few planes and it still looks great. The fabric stands up really well to standard wear & tear that comes with traveling. The wheels make it so much easier to travel with compared to the bag I had before.

I bought this bag for a winter season that i spent in New Zealand. I was there for 6 months & this held everything I needed for snowboarding; board, boots, helmet, all my base layers, multiple sets of outerwear, and there was still room to shove other things in. I bought a 157, which works perfectly for my 143 board & all my gear. I wear size 6.5 boots and have put both boots in one boot pocket, using the other pocket for things I wanted to keep separate.

I have also used this bag for shorter trips, and there is so much room that for a week or weekend trip I can put everything I need in this bag, rather then taking this & a suitcase. (i'm a girl, so i think this is pretty impressive as i tend to over pack)

My roommate has borrowed my bag for a couple ski trips & she can fit 2 pairs of skis plus all her gear in the bag. (she just got her own bag b/c she loved mine)

I am so happy with this bag that I plan to buy the dakine split roller for future travels, to replace my broken suitcase. Another great thing about this bag is my grey & purple plaid snowboard bag stands out from all the black snowboard bags that are in the oversized baggage area.


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I bought the Rome Bastille 2 months ago, and wear them every day, either riding or working. I am pretty happy with them, they are comfortable boots. However, its seems like they are packing out quickly. No heel lift yet, but the heel cup is already looser then when I bought them. A plus is that the ankles are made so they will not crease, which was a problem I had with my old boots.
So overall, I'm happy with these boots right now, but I'm probably not going to buy them again when they pack out and its time for a new pair. But if you are not wearing them on a daily basis the packing out is not going to be as much of a problem, they break in quickly and are comfortable, so it might be a good choice.