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Well hello kids its review time again. I was fortunate enough to purchase these for 35$ on dept. of goods. So first off dept of goods I love you. I have spent upwards of 150$ for goggles in the past. This being said the 35 was a welcome price tag. After using the rose lens in low light conditions I am very pleased. After using the black chrome in full sun and shade conditions I must say, these goggles out performed the more expensive models. The fit yes is small but I am not the jolly green giant. I am 5'8" with my boots on. I will say though these fogged up after about 30 minutes of booter building and like all goggles you have to pat dry or force a bunch of air into the lens cavity to get it to clear. I have absolutely no problem recommending these goggles for around the 50$ price range. If you can get them do it you will be very happy with the purchase. P.S. the antifog film and lens surface has yet to wipe off something I cant say about other companies lenses.


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so a little bit about my riding history. I have been enjoying lib tech boards for the last few seasons. I have never even thought about switching boards. Until recently, its amazing how well this board rides. If I were to ever give up a lib it would be for this board.

I have ridden this board on 40 degree super bumps and the board ollied compressed rebounded and rode out perfectly. On groomers it initiates and maintains edge flawlessly. In powder it floats so well, no nose dip at all, just hydroplane all day. The reverse camber initiates back to camber effortlessly and is really a pleasure to ride. I have taken this through tree runs and have had no problems negotiating through whatever was before me.
In short I really cant snowboard that well. With the aid of this board I became nothing short of pro for a day. Seriously this board is awesome. It is the 155cm 29.5 inch nose and tail, twin with a 20to26inch stance contact points of 121 which is huge and I might be wrong but you need this board. Peace and have fun kiddies.


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These goggles are great if your standing still or needing to eat lunch with goggles on. If your like me and happen to find yourself travelling at high rates of speed on the mountain, throw these goggles away before you start to ride. The venting system is horrible and allow way to much air travel into the inner compartment.

This design flaw allows for a cyclone effect to occur inside of your eyeballs. It is an ocular catastrophe! I was crying every time I attempted to use these. It was not due to the awesome riding skills I was witnessing on the mountain either.

All in all this package is not worth the price. I would pay about 20$ for a cool pair of goggles to mug in thats about it. I gave them away after a few sessions on the mountain!