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This bad @$$ Audio dock is ideal for office, dorm or chillin' sessions however you feel you want to roll. The remote looks like an old school iPOD nano and the speakers on this sound crisp, clean and will make you look and feel sexy while you rock out to Yanni or the Beastie Boys.

Overall this small package delivers tons of sound and quality response. There are a lot of knock offs out there, but none can even come close to how sweet this is. Not to mention Skullcandy's epic warranty and service.

You will not be disappointed by this. I own 2 and this is a go to item for me when I am trying to find gifts for family and friends.

Try the Pipe, all your friends are doing it and they will make fun of you if you don't ;)


Did you turn it on? No, really. On the back of this is an ON/OFF switch that you literally have to switch on even with it being pluggen in.

I have a few of these and it rocks, but not having it turned on makes it, well, worthless. Any iPOD will work on this. check the ON/OFF switch. I am willing to bet $$$ that is the problem

Stop buying Columbia boots and buy Sorel Boots. I owned a pair of Sorels for over 10 years and just replaced them this year after I accidentially put a hole in the shoe over the toes.Jon is right. These are SOME OF THE MOST RELIABLE boots known to man. SAR teams use them, the OLYMPICS (winter obviously) use them exclusively and these boots are designed for Artic He!!. These are the way to go. This model has been thorough and true for generations.

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The watch is versatile. It looks good on the town and also on the mountain. I have been very impressed by the ease and functionality of the product. I use it on Search and Rescue and I have had a very positive experience form it. BEWARE!!! The altimeter is based of atmospheric pressure. Weather changes can make the altimeter be off a few hundred feet. Also, if you have gnarly weather as Utah does (i.e. Lake Effect rain/snow), the barometer may show "sun" but it may be raining. The thermometer is also picking up body heat so you have to adjust 10-20 degress. I know that these "BEWARES" sound bad; however, keep in mind that the technology doesn't exist yet to counteract these anomolies and it is rare when you have to deal with them. Overall it is very accurate and dependable. ALWAYS REMEBER TO BRING AN OLD SCHOOL COMPASS!!!! BATTERIES DO FAIL! 5 stars definetly and I would definetly recommend this to you or my family.


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These boots can be summed up in one simple word: IDEAL

The boots are warm and designed for thicker socks to be worn to add extra protection against the elemets. I am on a K-9 search and rescue team and these boots have withheld extreme temps that I have had to endure with my German Shepherd.

The boots are high on the leg to help prevent possible ankle fractures and the boots are designed to be a bit big for the extra thick socks that can be worn. The removable soles are great for quick drying of any sweat that may have accumulated also!

The boot is comfortable from day one and I have NEVER had a problem with any of my pairs of these that I have owned. The only reason I had to even consider geting a new pair was because I accidentally cut the sides of them rendering the waterproof element worthless(long story....need not discuss)

In closing, I am pretty sure angels crafted these for all human kind so that our feet stay warm, dry and comortable. Praise Baby Jesus!!! DO NOT CONSIDER ANY OTHER BRAND OR KNOCK OFF!!!!!