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Well... maybe it's just me but I struggle BIG TIME with these boots. When they are strapped on good they have a great feel and are responsive. That's the good. The bad, the quick lace system doesn't seem to work, at all. It'll tighten up, but after three runs my boot will be so incredibly loose that if I were to hit the slopes w/out checking I'd eat it hard (which I have done). The laces REFUSE to stay locked in. If you hit a tough run that's backcountry and moguled up your feet are going to KILL YOU. There usually is some discomfort but man with these boots my feet die on those runs. And lastly, I have large (12) feet but am a skinny guy and have very trim ankles. I struggle every time getting them on and off because the liner molded to my small ankles, the J-Bar holds that mold and my damn big feet now can't get through there! Maybe my quick lace system is jacked and you won't have that problem... but skinny people with big feet and small ankles, you've been warned.


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If you can score these in the Black/White Rose they're a must have. Definitely LARGE, great fit, center top piece is actually metal. Good details on the glasses w/ both color, lens gradient and logo etched in the metal, they look like they cost more than they do! Don't buy them though, I don't want everyone else running around with these sick shades on. Thanks to WM for the deal, otherwise I would have definitely paid full price for these, they're that good.


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I'm only an intermediate snowboarder but this board has done me pretty well so far this season... though it's definetly not the best board for days thick with powder like we had earlier this season especially up in Tahoe. Decent pop, manuevers well in the park. Picked it up on Whiskey for $130 about so the price for performance is unbeatable.
*As a note* the reason the baord is so cheap is because some resorts banned the board due to the bloody graphic* I've had no issues and have hit at least 6 different resorts this season in Cali and Az. But still something to be aware of.