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An absolute gem. If you want something you can do deep carves and pumps, this is the board. With an amazing flex it provides a comfortable ride, and camber lets you dig into the board when you hit those deep carves. The paris trucks provide really good turning and the 78a wheels provide adequate grip. There are better wheels out there, but as it is, the wheels are fine. Not recommended for bombing because of the nature of the board. The high flex does not give you the stability needed for speed. But this is not meant to be a downhill board, but a cruiser/carving machine. Overall a great board. NS also has the Heist which is a drop-though version that is a little stiffer. Also highly recommended.


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This board is a purpose built Downhill board that can dabble in a bit of free riding. The drop through design and Randal trucks with black bushings give it a stable ride at speed. Loosen it up and you can dabble in a little free riding. Stiff flex adds to stability at speeds. It is not meant to be a commuter board, but I've found that its weight and low ride helps me push easily, and the momentum from the weight means I am pushing less.

Flatter concave and slight rocker means your feet fit nicely and grip onto the surface of the board. Generous width means even larger riders will be satisfied.

The looks are great too. The top uses a special texalium (sp*) fiberglass and is a aluminum weeve.

Over all this is a great DH board for anyone. Although it is pricey, a purpose built Downhill board will cost roughly around the same price after you outfit it with the correct accessories.

I received this board from NS's VP of Sales and Marketing, and I've been using it for 6 months now and it is still my favorite Drop through DH board to date.

You won't regret it!