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Easy purchase. Great price. Free shipping. Arrived quickly. Packed very well.

Two firsts. My first single fin. My first epoxy "pop out."

I'm a small person, 5'3" 115lbs. This is a massive board for me. Wide. Thick. For my size, got it to use as a longboard. Easy to paddle, easy to catch waves.

Single fins are very different. Hard to create your own speed with it. Really need to stay near the pocket. Surfs better from the back of the board. Very stable, holds well. Does not turn on a dime. A fun challenge.

Not good for microscopic surf conditions. But okay in waist high and above. Really nice in chest to head high surf. For my size, any bigger and the buoyancy of this board makes it difficult to handle.

Not a lover of epoxy. The feel of a poly board is superior, no match. However, cannot beat the durability of these manufactured epoxy boards. Especially where I surf, lot of rocks, logs, turtles, stuff that causes serious damage to fiberglass boards. In the end, epoxy probably is a better value. There is the guilt factor of not buying a locally made board. I usually go local, but I was intrigued by the shape and fin setup of this board.

While I do not love this board, I do like it quite a bit and find myself going to it a lot. Especially when I expect crowded conditions and need a paddling edge over the others to catch my share of waves.

Overall, to me a worthwhile purchase. A different surfing experience. A fun challenge. A nice addition to the board collection. I really do prefer fiberglass boards, but this epoxy has many redeeming qualities as well.