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After owning the jacket for about a year and riding in British Colombia in 30 degrees and lower conditions this jacket is fantastic. First off check the specs, they clearly state that it is a shell. Second the hood is removable and therefore you CAN wear a hoodie with the hood off, but surprise surprise, you can also wear a hoodie with the hood on. When you put on the jacket put your hood on your hoodie up on your head, then layer the jackets hood on top of your hoodie, then lay them back. You'll forget that they're there. PROBLEM SOLVED. But all in all the jacket was the most comfortable jacket i have worn to date. I never once got cold, never got wet, and it fits perfectly. And do not forget that it IS a shell, so if you are in the market for a warm jacket, please check the specs and see if it is insulated. Rather than buy a shell then complain about it being a shell later.


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I'm rather new to the sport which means i don't ride all too hard, and with that said, these bindings are barely holding together after one season. The straps are extremely thin and all the plastic parts,buckles and others, are chipping away. My friend got the same pair but in white and half way through the season three straps snapped. I wouldn't recommend these at all. Even though the quick on and off is a bonus, these are cheap plastic and can't hold up throughout the season, especially if you're a decent rider.