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Anyone know exactly what "powerply" is? (i.e. thicker plys, stronger resin, w/e it may be) I've been skating next gen decks (with carbon fiber top sheets) and love the durability and pop of them. I want to try a creature, but I generally like to know what I'm buying exactly so I can find it or avoid it in the future depending on whether I like it. Thanks! :D

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I'm used to skating shoes that I can practically roll up and put in my pocket, so when I first put these on it felt like strapping a piece of wood to my shoe and skating (I could barely even tell where my foot was on the board). As they broke in and I got used to them and I actually feel like I have way more board control in these than with my old shoes (which I loved). They're also holding up pretty well, I skate pretty much daily and after about 3 weeks they're only just starting to really look like a pair of skate shoes. Overall, I'd reccomend them, they look nice and because the sole is pretty thick you shouldn't get bad heel bruises unless you're pulling some Ryan Sheckler type air and they have a nice shape for board control. I'll warn you though, if you're not used to pretty stiff shoes, they take a few solid skate days to break in so dont be disappointed in the purchase immediately.