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I haven't snowboarded in it, yet. So, my review is basically just aesthetics right now. I got the XL. I am 5'7" and wear 31 jeans. I have broad shoulders from swimming. It fits great on me. I usually have problems with jackets and coats being tight around my upper body. This seems roomy enough to allow movement while riding and pack more layers if needed. But I doubt I would need more layers... this coat is warm. I was a bit bummed to find out that the powder skirt doesn't have loops to hook to belt loops on pants. Rather, it has button snaps that go specifically with Special Blend pants that have the matching snaps. I was hoping SB had a belt that they sold that had the matching snaps that I could wear with any pants. (bonfire has a system like that.)


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I bought mine at the end of 2008/2009 season... Maybe the 2010 version has improved.... BUT...The two pockets on the front of the hips don't close. I ended up using iron on velcro to keep them shut. I specifically got a one-piece for days when I am riding in deep pow. I kept getting wet because the pockets would get full of snow that would melt through. I also think the texture of the suit is problematic. I own the black (maybe the copper is different). It's slightly rough and when the snow is really coming down, it sticks to the fabric. As you sit on the lift, you get caked with snow. When I tried to wipe it off, it wouldn't all come off. As the day goes on, more and more snow builds up in places like where the butt pockets velcro shut. One time, I went in to the lodge to eat and all the iced up spots melted and soaked through the fabric. When I went back out, I was cold and wet. I give it an adequate because on days when it isn't snowing and I don't ride for very long it works. I only have problems when it's snowing really hard and I am out for a long time... In other words, I don't know that any suit would hold up against some of the conditions I ride. Also, I bought the medium and wish I had the large. It's snug feeling when I bend over to strap my boots on. I am 5'7'' and wear size 31 pants.