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I had the Vantage for years and always felt it was just a little large. this year i want with the varence and i am so happy i did so.

1) just enough venting - i don't get cold and can use vents to cool down. - big difference is that the variance only has one adjuster unlike the vantage that has 2. (but i do not feel it makes that big of a difference.) -20c to 10c and i was comfortable.

2) fit. my head is right between a small and a medium. (22 inches) when i got the Variance i went with a small and i am happy i did. it fits more soundly. feels more secure. chin strap fits better (less excess strap hanging down)

3) dislike. I do not care for the fabric of the ear covers. that is all. function is fine. just don't like it. but it wont stop me from wearing it.

4) dislike #2 the adjuster seems to not want to play nice all the time. took some time to figure it out. it is not user friendly out of the box (over twisting will have this result) but after playing with it a little it seems to work fine.

5) last but not least., I like the lower profile in the back. I have small shoulders (size 15.5 x 32 dress shirt). I don't look so much like MR Potato head. BUT..... the rise in the back does expose some neck to above the hair line (right below the bump / indentation on the lower skull) this may cause some issues for some.