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Unable to find many earthy tones snowboard pants in females, I got this one in Small. Overall, i love the fit/design. But I find it hard to believe the Small starts at 32" because it just fits on my 30" waist! (I was going to fill it out by wearing a bit of padding, but see now that idea won't work. I've never had to wear a Man's medium anything.) Actually it a fair ass-flatterer, so it's not really a complaint.^^

Everything else is well satisfactorily baggy. Fleece inside at the butt & knees are wicked great! But if you open the vents without wearing a layer, you're likely to get snow on your bare thighs. Faux buttons/all velcro & zips. Front pockets both have inner pockets, too. "Structure" is on the greeny side of earthy khaki. Everything else is well depicted in the pics above.

Despite the downsides [including the top button coming off after the first wear :/ ], the fit is way comfortable so I'll likely keep them for warmer snowboarding days.


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i'd injured my tailbone ages ago & it's still tender if I sit just so.. And I know I'll be down a lot snowboarding. This padded armor protects well enough I could even do 100 crunches without a twinge of pain! impressed me enough, anyway, I might use it for other workout/sports.

it's a nice touch with the lacy bits making it look more like underwear than crazy football padding. Still, glad I got a size up in Snowboard pants to better hide the protective bumps. (Cuz some women still care about having "panty lines", right? =o)

Only downside I've come across so far is the slippage of the ribbon back into the hole. A minor thing, but I like the snug-fit feel of the tied ribbon. After fishing it back out, I just made a couple knots...