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After trying 20+ pairs, I finally found a pair that holds my heel.

The boa lacing system is amazingly fast. it takes less than 2 minutes to have both boots fully laced up. The dual boa is set for the inner boot and outer boot. making it very different from other dual BOAs were it adjusts the lower and upper part of the outerboot.

Adjustability is awesome. However I did find myself adjusting the boots almost every run. After each run, the top part of the boot would loosen up while the bottom part tightens, I had to crank the boa a little more each time to make the top feel tight again. After a few runs the boot is so tight it would cause foot cramps. I had to fully loosen the boot and restarting the tightening cycle. Something important to note here is that my heel never moved no matter how tight or loose my boots were.

The boot also has a very aggressive forward lean. making awesome for heavy, fast rips but somewhat uncomfortable when cruising slowly or walking from the parking lot to the lift. some people might not like the agressive forward lean.

Lastly, I got this boots in the yellow color. they got dirty really fast. There are black marks either from my bindings or my pants that my previous white boot never picked up even after 4 seasons.


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This jacket has so many awesome features that are not advertised that I might run out of words in this review.
However, the 2 in 1 design of this jacket is terrible. Sessions advertises this jacket as a 2-6 warms level(10 being a toaster) but it is terribly misleading.
level 2 is accurate. without the vest the jacket is just a rain coat that breathes. even thought the jacket has a lining it feels thin and very cold on your skin. this is with 45 seconds of exposure going from my office to my car.
The warmth of this jacket is absolute BS. With the vest on your chest won't go cold but your arms will freeze. we had 25 degree weather in Chicago yesterday(not that cold in my book for a warmth 6 jacket) and my arms could not be colder. warm on 6 on your chest and warm 2 in your arms does not make a warmth 6 jacket. It makes a youarmsareFingFreezing jacket.
If you don't mind not using your vest and using this as a spring jacket knock yourself out, it is a fully features awesome jacket. However as a 2 in 1 jacket this is absolute fail.


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I got my cartels late in the season. I've ridden them 5 full days in very different conditions and I got to say that they are amazing in all weather. From fresh powder to the slushy closing day groomers board control and comfort are unparalleled. I am not a park rat so i can't vouch for them in the rails and big ramps, but if you do groomers, hit the fresh powder and do the occasional jump this are the bindings for you.

The only drawback i have found is some ice buildup at the baseplate when you expand it. but that's just a couple of seconds extra of the lift.