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Bag looks good and is a pretty typical bag.

the price is good and i think it will go through decent amount of wear and tear.

my girlfriend uses it to store her board and her gear and it all fits - boots, protective gear, board and more.

she likes it even though her mom said it looks like a body bag. but what do you expect? its a board bag.


5 5

bought these bindings for my girlfriend. she got the white lexa bindings and they are quite colorful. they may be a little bit flashy instead of the typical black color. i tried to get the white bindings at stores but they generally had black ones. she's a beginner and she's been improving ever since she got these bindings (she had other bindings and i found that they were just too big for her boots) as a snowboarder for 8 years, i find that the bindings are really well made and give a better support and comfort than previous generations of burton bindings. it really made me wish i could go back to burton bindings. i think the price was a little bit steep but its not like they would wear out within a year. so it is a good investments.


5 5

after reading multiple reviews and seeing how it's usually an extreme point of view, i found it surprising that i really enjoyed using these bindings. they are comfortable and easy to use.

i did have a pressure point near my toe but i think it was cuz i was boarding too long. who knows.

the product is def awesome and i would use no other bindings cept for the flows now.