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I have yet to kiss the snow with this new axe, yet from looks alone this is one absolutely gorgeous board. I live in Denver, and am all about supporting the local peeps, but beyond that, the local peeps are building sticks that compete on the highest level of the world circuit. Something to be proud of for sure! Alas, i will not even think about poppin this boards cherry till i get at least 8 inches of fresh pow on top of that autumn base. I will log in when that happens, but I predict that i will be nothing less than blown away by the R.C., suppose you could chalk that up to my bias view of ridin a home town hero................lol, everything we do from here on out ,is "icing on the cake".


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I have had the same pair of blue iridium/a frames for almost 7-8 years, and i never noticed any significant wear till last season (08-09). The foam was starting to pull away from the frame and the lenses were starting to get stress fractures, point being that if you take care of these they will last well beyond there expected life time (considering snow sports can be pretty brutal on equipment).They almost never fogged, except for rare occasions such as the vents getting packed with snow after bailing, uber intense hikes with minimal air flow, or coming outta the lodge and not letting the lenses temper before putting them on( i.e. hot face + cold outside lens=condensation). As far as visual acuity/protection there is no competitor as far as i'm concerned. The blue iridiums are not even the most protective ( i think it is the fire and then black, leaving the polarized out of the eqaution of course)and on blue bird days these goggles were absolutely flawless! Its hard to articulate, you just have to see for yourself, but guarantee you will be f---in stoked!!! I just bought a pair of black iridium crowbars, cuz my only problem with the a-frames (to no fault of oakley) is that the air ports shot directly into my eyeballs at high speeds, and with contacts, tha worst dry eye you can imagine.....that sucked!!! So do your eyes a huge favor and get some. Suck it up, you get what you pay for, you can keep buyin crap every season or spend 2 or 3 times more and have peace of mind for the next 5-7 seasons, choose wisely.