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Dakine logo in the national forest format, I dig it. Essentially, I just needed another addition to the growing rotation of mane controllers I already have. This one does just fine. I must note, the brim is somewhat stiffer than some of the other offerings Dakine currently has.


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Hats off to Backcountry.com and Holden for asking me to review the Coaches Jacket for the benefit of the backcountry.com community!

When I lived in the PNW, the Holden Hagin was my go-to for many seasons split between Hood and Baker (Ahhh, strollin' down memory lane there). Anyhow, fast forward a few years, I now live 2400 miles away down in the South, where the climate is... a bit different.

I must say, Holden really seems to be blurring the lines this year when it comes to their Coaches Jacket. You can wear it on the hill, (definitely warmer days) or just chillax around town with it on, without looking like you're wearing a “boarder jacket.” The insulation it provides is adequate, but anything below 50 or so, you better be wearing a base layer of some sort. Thus far, I've only been able to experience the 10k proofing in some drizz, and you guessed it, I stayed dry. Essentially, I am using the Coaches Jacket as day to day jacket around town. Furthermore, breathability appears to be up to snuff too, as I generally tend to overheat like a sweaty beast; however, this is not the case with this jacket.

Size wise, I am 6 foot 1 @ 165lbs and don the Large. The medium may possibly fit a bit better in the torso, (if you're going for the more fitted look) but if you're lanky in the arm department like me, I'd definitely size up to keep them cuffs from rollin' up and showing off the rollz. Heh!

Now since the Coaches Jacket is based off a varsity jacket design, say adios to a having a hood. Depending on how you look at this, it can either be a positive or a negative, just depends on your particular needs. The Coaches Jacket utilizes a YKK zipper (the best in the biz) so you know you'll be zipping up with ease every time. I'd like to mention, it says that there is an internal pocket on this jacket, but I must be blind, because I sure as heck can't find it!

Nevertheless, if you're lookin' for a dual purpose jacket for the hill and around town, the Coaches Jacket may just be the ticket.


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Era's for the win. Colors & patterns for days is all I'm saying. Lace'm up and you're good to go in quite possibly the chillest shoe Vans has to offer. The break-in period is just a few wears. Depending on the fabric/material you go with, sizing can get funky. You may have to go up/down a half size.