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The material seems pretty flimsy. It's cool that they fold up for travel, but I wouldn't use them snowboarding. In fact, I wouldn't use them for anything active. They work best if you're just sitting and listening.

Cool color combos. Sounds pretty good. And does a pretty good job of keeping the music in your ears. I used them at work (desk job) and a few times I thought my coworkers could hear the music, but they didn't.


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They work great at first, but do not last for very long. The metal ring base around the ear piece fell off after a few weeks. The ear pieces come off super easy. I have to be gently if I'm pulling them out of my pocket.

I wouldn't pay more than $10 for this thing.


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The helmet has a good fit to my melon head. I got an XL. I like that there's vents that can be closed. It does come w/ some items that I have no idea what it's used for.

The metallic stickers came off. No big deal to me, but may bother other people.

I'd still recommend the helmet, but probably better to try it on first. I got lucky w/ it fitting.


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I love this board! I think this is a great all mountain board. Holds and edge well and has a nice stiff flex to it.

Only down fall I'd say is that I wouldn't hit any boxes or rails w/ it. It's a bit pricey to want to put dings in your board.


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I fit 3 boards, (size 166 cm, and two 158 cm boards), two pair of bindings, two pair of boots and still had space for gear. Thing rocks!!