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I have had these gloves for a month or so but only used them once. When
wearing the gloves my hands felt nice and warm. Even brand new the gloves
are flexible and allow my hands to move without a lot of effort. My only
complaint is that there are a few too many stitch seams that could be
avoided if they had stuck with a simpler design. My experience with
leather gloves is that the stitched seams are the weakest link and the
first to fail even if the leather is still in excellent condition. Hope
these puppies hold up in the long run.


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I am 5’10” and I got the large. It’s pretty big but proportionally it
looks good for the oversized style. This is only a wind resistant shell so on
colder days you need to layer up. There is plenty of room for me for base
layers and sweaters. The glow in the dark graphic logo is a cool design
gimmick which really gives the jacket an accent. Not too much, just
enough. Super comfortable to ride in on the mountain and in the park.
Gives you plenty of room for your joints so it is no problem moving around.
Only spot that feels a little slimmer is the neck/collar area. I have to
zip the jacket up all the way or the velcro pads rub against my chin too
much or get caught on my helmet straps. This is not a problem on some
other jackets I have with a little looser fitting necks/collars. Very good
pocket design. Large front pockets come in handy when I am not riding and
need a place to stash the wallet gloves etc. Other jackets are over loaded
with features which are actually distracting and don't get used. Overall this is the coolest
jacket I have gotten and to be honest it’s not a bad price.


3 5

Only one complaint on these goggles... there is too much padding on the
nose area. It’s hard to breathe when they are on normally. I end up
having to set them a little too high on my face to compensate. I actually
have a relatively small nose since I am half Asian so this might be an even
bigger problem for others. I am going to trim away some of the foam in
this area with a pair of scissors. It’s a major flaw which is a real kick
in the nuts cuz everything else on these bad boys are amazing... that’s why
I am not sending them back!