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I bought this about a year ago, and... it's still on time, so that's good. Course, we live in the 20th... uh... excuse me, 21st century so i would expect nothing less. As for other things you expect from a watch, i've never had a problem with waterproof-ness (except, see after my accident) but i really never go below about 15 feet of water. the thing looks as new as it did the day i bought it (again, accident). This watch is TOUGH. On that note, i may as well discuss my big accident. So, i'm a rock climber. One day at the gym i tried a big dyno that was out of my league. I missed horribly and SMASHED the face of my watch on the hold. I'm pretty sure any other watch would have been ruined. This guy? Oh this guy took a lickin' but kept on tickin! Unfortunately, I caught it right on the edge of the glass (or whatever it is) face and chipped it up a little. Please understand, this thing WORKS LIKE A CHAMP, but because of the unfortunate placement of impact... i get a LITTLE fog in the display when i get the watch wet. That's it folks, a tiny chip and some foggy-ness... and any other watch would have been destroyed.


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dang... that's a lot of money for a pair of boots. But not so much when you figure in the fact that you'll never buy another pair in your lifetime.

seriously... these things are bulletproof. wait... not like, TOTALLY seriously... don't shoot yourself... i meant... ahhh, whatever. Go ahead and try it, post pics after seeking medical attention.