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I dont own these boots but i was interested in them so i tried them on at a local board shop in Big Bear. The BOA fusion system was excellent. very easy to fine tune the bottom and top of the boot. I like my boot super tight for max control on the mountain. my feet loved these boots but unfortunately they were not as stiff as i would have liked. they seem like park boots, i am a park rat myself but i weigh 220 lbs and i prefer a stiff boot for good ankle support and control even though i spend most of my day in the park. I feel that a boot should feel like a snowboard boot and not like a soft skate shoe. if you are on the lighter side then try these boots, you may like them because you wont be putting as weight on them like i was. Super comfy if you have wide size 13's like me, BOA fusion really gets as tight you want it without cutting off circulation in your fingers like when tightening traditional lacing systems early in the morning, just not stiff as i would have liked. My Burton tributes are my go to's until i find something else. These didn't seem to run small like others have commented. My shoe is a 13 and this boot in a 13 fit perfectly.


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After trying on numerous boots, including the DC Judge (see my review), i found "MY perfect boot" in the TM two! Thank you snowboard gods! These boots are SUPER comfy on my wide size 13 foot. No breaking in period for these boots. From run #1 today it was as if I had been riding these boots for months, that's how good they fit. I use to get mean outer, middle side pain in my back foot (left) after about three hours on the mountain with my old 07-08 Burton Tributes. A thing of the past! The inner lining kills the Tribute's. So much padding and amazing heel lock. No need to heat-mold them because it feels like they already were for me right out of the box! Unbelievable! I only trust traditional lacing (as do most pros) so this is a plus feature. A bonus of this boot that I did not expect is that the outer boot is noticeably smaller than my Burtons, eliminating toe hang almost completely on my 26.3 width stance Ride Decade 162w. (not that toe DRAG ever occurred with my Burtons but it's just looks better to not have so much toe over the board.) these boots don't have that annoying "leather squeak" like my Burtons yet they are very stiff and SUPER responsive. Stiffness is important to me because I am heavy (6'2" 220 lbs.) and the extra stiffness helps prevent "flop" and keeps me in control when I'm bombing down steep groomers, yet the superior comfort and response helps me progress in the park. I love these boots and I am so happy I have gave ThirtyTwo boots a chance. Don't go cheap on your boots! You WILL regret it later as I did. Give ThirtyTwo a look and try some on!