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If your into looks and stuff these are pretty good shoes. a step down from the eras, but if theyre cheap, go for it. but if you want to skate with them (which remember, is what they were made for) these are dreadful. First of all, they have no arch at all, which eliminates almost all my balance. And unlike Era's which have some padding at the top, skating with these are almost like skating barefoot. your heels are exposed to the horrendous wrath of heelflips, and your socks will be gone in no time. And unlike Eras (again) they dont have a solid rim , so they tear really REALLY easily. A whole 2 inch chunk of it came off at one point. I wish I had a picture to show how absolutely wrecked in 3 days of skating they were. when you looked at them i would immediately think "zombie", with ollie holes everywhere, the heelcup broken, and a huge chunk missing. And they really aren't that comfortable. Emerica's, are the real deal. some of their shoes feel like slippers, but last soooooo much longer. 3 months or somehitng. so, if you wanna look cool and these happen to be on sale, get them. But never ever ever ever skate in them. im giving them two stars because the original purpose of making this shoe was for it to be skateable, and it definetly isn't. But since its low profile, it has really good flick, and grip.


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really nice, slim shoes, which do indeed go with almost everything.
But skatingwise, these shoes are pretty bad. Although they do have a support arch (mine do at least), your ankle is totally exposed to the wrath of heelflips or other stuff. Also, i don't really like the board feel in the middle. it always feels kinda empty around there. mine lasted about a week or so, so dont try to skate with some limited edition colorway, because theyll go from sleek, cool shoes, to busted open hobo shoes. Unless you use shoegoo, but that makes them look more hoboish.
But they look really good.