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I typically don't wear shorts unless at the gym or doing something outdoors, but bicycle commuting to work in Atlanta summers has forced my hand. I looked all over for some slim-fitting shorts, and finally decided to give these a go. I bought a pair in each color.

First, as others have stated, they do fit skinny, both in the waist and leg. I have chicken legs and typically wear 510's, and these fit about like those, but they stretch A LOT. They're kind of a thinner cotton chino material with a lot of stretch, not really denim at all. I like them, and the light weight is nice for the heat.

Sizing...As others have stated, I would size up an inch. I wear a 32 in Levi's usually, sometimes a 33 (which gives me a lot of room), and a 33 in these fits me like a 32 in regular jeans. I've worn 511 shorts before, and these are consistent with 511 shorts--skinny and a little smaller at the waist.

I've never really been super interested in the commuter series, even though I do commute, until recently I got tired of the crotch of all my pants getting shredded. There is a definite difference in quality between normal Levi's and the commuter series. There are more details, better durability, and the fit is better (higher waist in the back is nice not only for commuting, just for covering your crack).

Overall, really nice shorts, and the fit on my skinny legs isn't too tight, but slim enough. I didn't like the look of the reflective tape on the sides, so I just took an Xacto knife and removed the stitching and took it out. It took about 10 mins. The green shorts look almost the exact same color as the picture. Maybe a touch lighter, but really close. I was hoping they'd be a bit lighter, but I guess they'll fade with time.


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Fantastic boots. I have a few pairs of Tretorns, including the boots that preceded these (the Walden). They're very similar, but Tretorn has improved them quite a bit in the past few years.

First, they are quality made with great leather, a warm flannel lining, and the insoles and sole are incredibly comfortable. They took a few hours to break in, but after that, they are fantastic. I've worn them nonstop for the past few weeks, and they've been really comfortable and warm.

One problem I had with the Waldens was the lack of durability. After wearing them several times, the sole started to wear through to the midsole, they lost a lot of shape, and just felt floppy. Not so with the Holdyn, they have held up extremely well, the leather is stiff and thick, and the sole is thicker and much more durable.

As most of you have probably seen on the news, the Atlanta winter has been pretty crazy this year. These have been perfect for the cold, ice and snow. First, they are really warm. Not like snow boots, but my toes are nice and toasty in 20 degree weather with a pair of wool socks. Second, they have great grip. I slide all over the place in tennis shoes or Vans, but these grip really well on ice and snow. Very impressed. Last, they are treated with some sort of DWR, and the seams are sealed well apparently, because I haven't had water in them at all when walking in several inches of snow and slush.

Overall, incredibly impressed with these boots, with the only complaint being they run big. Like a whole size big. I like my shoes to fit snug, and these don't. Not a huge deal because they are boots, so bulky is ok, and I wear thick socks, but Tretorn shoes seem to run big as a company, so no surprise, I was just hoping they wouldn't.


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I got these pretty cheap, like less than half price, and I don't regret it at all. As others have said, it feels like you're walking on nothing, the insole is magic. The canvas is pretty thin, much thinner than a pair of Vans, for example, but they feel pretty well made. There's no support in the fabric of the shoe, it's just kind of floppy, but if you like flip flops, sperrys, etc, it's not really a big deal. I find them incredibly comfortable.

They are a bit long, I typically wear a 7.5 or 8 and like my shoes to run tight, with my toes almost to the end of the toe box. An 8 in these feels a good half size to a size too large, which is consistent with another pair of Tretorns I have. However, it's winter, and wearing them with socks fills them out. Pleased with the fit. I don't find them overly narrow, and I typically find I have a wide foot and low arch. I mean it's definitely more narrow than some shoes, but not enough to feel weird or anything.
Overall, great for the price, not sure I'd pay retail for them though.


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Living in Atlanta, I don't get many chances to snowboard. So I fly out west. I bought this bag to take all my crap out for a week or two in Utah this year. Very pleased with my purchase.

I have a 155 and 154 length board, and bought the 156 bag. I fit the two boards, one set of bindings, boots, helmet, jacket, pants, gloves, goggles, all my tuning gear including an iron, and some dirty clothes in here. Granted, it was a bit tight, but it fit, and the bag was great.

The lack of wheels on the back can make for a sore shoulder, but not too bad, and the price was right. Love this bag, very durable material, made to last, and will store all my junk back at home over the summer.