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I have a Patagonia Down Sweater, and I wanted to try something else although I truly love my own Patagonia DS. So, I tried a MontBell Alpine Light jacket. They fit surprisingly the same, but one trip out with the MontBell and I returned it. We wore fleece under our jackets (which I had done many times before with the Patagonia DS and had never lost a feather). But the MontBell lost a bunch in just one day. I wanted to try something different, but nothing beats the Patagonia DS! I can go down to 10 degrees, wear a t-shirt, fleece, and this down sweater, and be just fine (with hat and gloves, of course)...and I'm VERY cold natured...VERY. My daughter stays more warm than I do, and she would be quite toasty in the same conditions. You can see by the pic that it's a little large on my her (who's about 5'2", normal build), and is wearing a Fennel Large. Gotta have room to grow in because I can't afford too many of these! Oh, as far as durability, you can snag it while going through brush (as you can most jackets of this type), but it doesn't get pulled easily at all with just normal wear.

Patagonia DS