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I have the Goretex Backcountry version but wanted to try a larger size and didn't want the same color again. Just going up a half size made a world of difference with my feet and being able to use my favorite insoles.

I wanted to get a shoe for our trip to europe when I didn't want to wear a dress shoe. I think these make a pretty good statement of being someone from europe or looking like Eurotrash. I am going to say Germany. I am like Dieter from Sprockets.. ' I am as happy as a little girl. '

These shoes aren't really for urban environments or city use. They grip like crazy in the right conditions, but put them in a damp or wet smooth slick surface and finding any traction is almost impossible. There were many times I felt I was walking on a freshly zambonied ice rink.

These shoes are great, they help in keeping your feet from getting wet from puddles or just when it is raining. I will most likely be using them out on the trail here very soon too.. Though I don't usually run. I will also be using them as a basecamp shoe whenever I go back up to Camp Muir. They are a very light shoe that provides some sort of moisture protection. I was so jealous of the people who had a normal shoe and didn't have to clunk around in their mountaineering boots in the evening.