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I've transported 6 snowboards with it. Am very happy. A little disappointed that the screws underneath rusted on my very first trip. But I think that is just cosmetic.

As always. LOVE Backcountry! Great customer service!


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I had Salomon F22 boots that I loved, but were too old and I decided that I wanted boa boots this time around. I did not want single zone boa. I thought the DC Judge was a good deal, so I tried 3 different sizes and they were just a very bad fit for my feet.

I didn't want to spend sooo much, but ended up getting the Thraxis. I have small feet (6.5), and in the smaller sizes they don't have 1/2 sizes. So I had to choose between getting a 6 & 7. I went with the 7, and my only complaint as far as the fit is that they have packed in and they are a bit too big. The 6 may have been too small, so I guess this is better.

They are quality boots. Warm & comfortable (yet stiff). Responsive. Good materials. I have no complaints riding in them, or walking with them on. They slide on and off smoothly as well. The three boa systems are a real benefit, because you can tighten the liner without having to open the boot. And it is really nice to be able to leave the boot loose and tighten it at the last moment, or on the Gondola... It is also great to loosen them as soon as you get off the slopes and are walking back for the day.

One other thing is that the knobs sometimes get in the way, or you bump them, or it feels weird to cross your feet when you're resting. Overall, I like them, but boy are they pricey...


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It is probably premature to write a review, but here goes anyway. I like the idea in general. The implementation seems solid. I tried them briefly and once in, they felt solid and responsive. They're relatively easy to get into and very easy to get out of. I didn't feel any pressure points, nor notice any lack of support. Unlike some reviews that I read, they didn't feel particularly heavy or clunky.

This review is a bit hesitant because I have to see how they hold over time up with so many moving parts. Again it was a brief trial and I wonder how easy they will be to get into on a powder day. And I forgot to adjust them perfectly for my boots before going on the hill and they are a bit of a pain to adjust properly on the fly.

I strongly recommend taking the time to set them up really well before going out. I assume after the initial setup, you are only left benefitting from the ease of use. I'll let you know if I find that to be inaccurate.


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I think for the right feet these are great boots. For me, they just did not fit right. My Salomon F20 & F22 boots are size 6.5. I got the Judge in 7 and too tight (my toes were bunched up). 7.5, again too tight. Size 8, and way too big. I tried changing the insole and not better. I just think for my feet, they didn't work out. Quality seems very good and I love the boa system.

I'm adding this to my review...

I really liked the boa concept, etc. so I got the K2 Thraxis. As I suspected, they fit fine, so that confirms that the DC boots were just not right for my feet. It has nothing to do with the boa system.