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I bought one of these mid this season. I did some beacon practices with friends to get the feel for the new beacon before going out for any hikes. As far as pinpointing a location goes, this beacon far out-performed my friends BCA Tracker's, both in speed, and precision, as well as distance it found a signal at. It was also the fastest beacon found when it was the one buried for practice. The 3 antenna's and the screen and interface are awesome, and if your buried this is what you want your buddy wearing.....

HOWEVER - after riding with this beacon on for only 7 or 10 days, i managed to break it. I took a drop (in-bounds) to a wipe out. I was fine, the worst of it was having to hike back up and retrieve a ski i lost. Nothing out of the ordinary, an every day wipe out. As a result however, the screen cracked, and no longer had a display. In testing it out, i found it was still transmitting a signal, and putting it in search mode it still beeped (faster the closer and better pointed at another beacon you were) as it was supposed to, but it would have been impossible to find anyone with it. It made me feel confident that if i had been in a slide, it was still transmitting and i would still have been able to be found, so i made the decision to give them one more try and replace mine with another of the same model, at no cost to me (Thanks Backcountry.com for your awesome warranty and return work!) =) And so far my new one has had no issues (but i only have had it out 4 or 5 times so far). Ill be sure to post a further review if it fails as well.

Overall: Great product, works excellently and quickly, and is VERY easy to use, but if your worried about durability, and having a 100% chance your beacon still works AFTER being in a slide, even if you hit a tree or slide off a cliff, this is probably not the MOST durable beacon on the market!