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I love these adjustable belts. The colors on this one are awesome (I got the green/yellow multicolor) and the webbing is sturdy. The only thing I don't like is that the buckle doesn't sit flat when shut. I have a similar style DC belt and the buckle on that is way better but the webbing is flimsy. I may just swap out my Volcom webbing with the DC buckle. The Volcom buckle does stay shut though, so as a belt it works just fine & looks cool.


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Unfortunately I ordered 2 of these shirts but they aren't exactly what I'm looking for. Sizing is decent (I'm a stocky 5' 4" and ordered the small) but I was trying to get the shirt with the stretchy fabric blend. My biceps are way too tight in this shirt, but the color & style is great so I'm just going to pay to have the sleeves altered. I have this problem with a lot of shirts but had found the Volcom shirt I wanted in a store (should have bought it then). A medium would fit in the sleeves but be too big everywhere else. If you have skinnier arms this will fit great.


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This is a great product! A bit bulkier than my last travel kit, which was just a single pocket bag. The Dakine kit holds everything I need, easily accessible, and still folds down pretty flat. Plus the green is wicked cool. I've never had a hanging travel kit before and I hope this one lasts a long time. I've taken it on 2 trips so far and have had no problems. The pockets are fairly well designed and the zippers are very sturdy. The only criticism is that the open slots at the top are not very deep - definitely not deep enough to hold a toothbrush, nor wide enough to hold deoderant. I ended up using one for bandaids and 2 others for prescription meds.


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Love the color of these socks, but after wearing them once they stretched and are a bit loose now and feel thinner & flimsy. Also not as much padding on the sole as the Fallen socks that are my favorite. Still gonna wear them, but there are better, more durable socks.