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No disrespect but I just got this today and the second I put my hand on it I was like...huh? I ordered it for my girlfriend so she wont get hurt like she felt on her toe side last time but man...this "impact jacket" is just not gonna work....see picture. Will return it once I got a chance.

Disliked it on first touch


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I ordered this to get some protection from falling on my butt like everyone else who is looking at this page. After reading the 1 star review on this site I still gave it a try since I tried the highly rated Hillbilly ones but it did't work for me.
So it arrived, looking good and a bit flimsy and the D3O pad actually move a bit...I was a bit worried to be honest. I took it to the snow a few time and turn out it work pretty well and my butt is saved.
I didn't experience any sweat issue as I was wearing a thermal too so I can't be sure but I feel this is pretty breathable.
However, the downside is that sitting on it for a hour or two in the car is really a killer.....


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I bought this because my wrists hurts every time I fell and since I am a beginner still I fell a lot so therefore I wanted some protection. While these wrist guards look cool, it hurts my wrist with it and it limits my wrist moment by quiet a bit. The material (cloth like part) suck onto my skins after a wearing it for a little, probably due to wetness and it became really hard to take off. Once it is taken off, you can see the marks it left on my skin, see pic attached.

While it hurts to wear it, I took it off and took a fall and my wrist hurt even more without it so although it is a painful decision to put it on again but I will just on one hand. I wish there is more comfortable ones out there that I could use.

Hurt with it on, hurt more with it on.