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These jeans are awesome. I was in high school when baggier jean were the fad, and those skin tight ones I see on kids now would have gotten you a one-way ticket to doucheville. Although I left the "wide-leg" jeans behind when I hit college, I have never found regular fit jeans to be anywhere near as comfortable as the baggy ones.

Enter the Matix Triumph. They have a great straight leg fit, with leg opening that are wide enough to fit nice over your shoes, but not so wide that they drag. And I can't say enough about how comfortable the 1% spandex makes them, because even though the jeans are regular fitting, you can do lunges all over the place if you want. I got the Skrilla color and it is darker than it looks on this site, but I actually like it better. I also agree with the other posts that say triumphs fit a bit big in the waist. I usually wear around a 33, and a 32 has more than enough room with these. Overall great jeans.


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Got these for my sister for her b-day and she loves them. Got the black w/ silver chrome and they are mirrored pretty sick, ppl would have to be right up in ur grill to see ur eyes and prob still couldnt very well. She likes them too because it is a smaller frame, so while it isnt really a women's goggle it fit smaller faces well. Having said that though they do lack a bit in peripheral vision because of the small frame, but I never thought that was a big deal anyways. No fog issues either which is always a good thing, and the construction feels solid. Overall sick goggles.


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Got this shirt in the black and it is pretty sick. There is a little more action on the front than I usually go for, but it really does look good when you put it on. The slim fit is great cuz you can size up so ur sleeves arent all short and the torso is form fitting and long enough to go past ur belt. I am 5'10 155lbs and got a Large, fit is perfect.


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Like everything Ive ordered from Dogfunk, this came super fast. But honestly this was not what I expected at all. The material used is really cheap and thin, and it looks like it would fall apart after a couple of washes. The one positive thing I can say is that the fit is really nice...somewhere between slim and regular which is how I like it (I'm 5'10 155 lbs and got a Large). Also the gray strips are lighter than they appear, giving the hoodie a pretty dull look. What is also weird to me is that on the inside the strips are much darker and it would look way better inside out in my opinion. I am returning this for something more durable and warmer. That is the great thing about Dogfunk...if you dont like something they have a great return policy!