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5 5

High quality, very adjustable to the way you like them. I like how you can adjust the straps to fit your foot from both sides to avoid pinching/pressure anywhere.. Great option I wish mine had it.

Spend the extra money and get these, you wont regret it.

And on a sidenote to the guys.. I don't know what it is about the color of these, they aren't particularily bright or anything.. They are SOOO easy to see at a distance. Makes keeping track of my girlfriend on the hill super easy. I guess a parent could use the same trick with their kids.

Would def purchase again.


3 5

Not overly impressed with the quality.. Mine seem to be wearing out at a pretty rapid rate. I've worn them twice and they look like they are 5yrs old. I don't care how they look, they are socks.. but I would hope they at least survive the rest of the season.

Other than that they are great. Warm, comfy and seem to keep my feet dry. What else could you want.


5 5

Got these for my girlfriend and if the mens version are anything like them I'm buying a pair for myself. Very light and warm, nice and compact. The boot liner system has been getting more and more refined and is great.

Would def buy again and like I said I want a pair for myself.


5 5

I bought this for my girlfriend hoping Ride would come through with something on par with my Ride Mountain.
Super high quality, it weighs next to nothing but is still stiff enough to handle agressive riding. I really don't know what else to say or what else you would want. It's awesome.
I went in search of a decent board with the only requirement being it was purple and lucked out with an awesome board she'll be able to ride for years.

BTW the photos don't do this thing justice. It looks soo good. The brown in the graphic is actually transparent showing the wood core and there is some sort of metallic purple "weave" in the black parts that reflect in the sunlight. It's really outstanding and I know you ladies have to look good before you'll get on the hill ;)