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I dug around online, and this is the cheapest you can get these headphones (the exception being the ugly tiger stripe ones, which I found for 30) with no shipping (as long as you buy something else for >$10). They actually sound pretty great, especially with bass-heavy music. Also, when you take 'em off and turn the volume all the way up they actually sound really good... like better than my laptop's speakers. They're a tiny bit uncomfortable if you wear them for a long time, but it hasn't been a problem for me, though I have heard other people complain hard about the comfort issue. If you like the style, I'd pick them up. If you think they look ugly, you can find ones with the same sound quality that are a little more comfortable for the same price.


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I just bought these to tip my order over $50 so I could get free shipping. They're pretty snazzy though, you get some shorts on with these and you're gonna turn heads. The heads you turn might be looking at you like "what is this kid doing," but they're prolly just jealous they don't have any bad ass socks. I wore these for one day just for kicks and I got like a dozen compliments over the course of the day. As far as functionality goes, they feel fine and what's cool is they absorb water/moisture at the feet, and disperse it over the entire sock so you can't even feel it. Get some snow in your boot, whatever, in like five minutes you can't feel it at all.

Why did I just write such a long review for a pair of socks? Cause I have an essay to write and I really don't want to, that's why.