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I received my jacket today but I'm sending it back. The cut is really long. I'm 5'8" and 165 lbs and the hem goes probably about 4" above my knee and a few past my inseam. I normally wear a medium because I like my jackets loose so I can layer under them. Cut is just right around my chest so I don't think I could get a small as it would be too tight. Material is top notch and the liner is perfect to add some warmth to just a plain shell so you won't have to layer as much. The interior pocket has room for a iphone/etc but some of the larger phones might not fit well. There is no cable management or hole to thread your head phone jack through so you can't zip the interior pocket all the way up if you plug in some headphones. Bummer, but not a deal breaker for me. The powder skirt doesn't zip out and if left undone it cinches around the waist to make it feel fitted which was kind of weird as it pulled the jacket in close to the body. I didn't have the same effect when it was stretch around the waist and snapped in place. So, to me, it wouldn't work well as a jacket off the slopes. You have to be on the tall thinner side for the cut to work for you. Finally, I got the tasty read and it is much brighter than the pics on backcountry.com. More like a bright chilipepper red IMHO. Great jacket just not the right cut for me. Definitely a high quality jacket for the price if you can get on sale like I did. Full price...not so sure.


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I've been out on these about 16 days now and all I can say is that this boot does not live up to expectations. The first two times I had them out they felt great. On my third day I noticed that the toe box started to colapse and start creasing. A few more times later it started happening on the left as well. I don't crank my straps down real tight either. I also tried adjusting the strap length and it didn't make a difference. I used 2009 Triad and 2012 Cartels without any difference. The toebox is just super soft. I rode with out the Rider Adjustable Flex Tongue a couple of times and the boot broke down really fast. They fold over so easy now I have to ride with the RAF in all the time just to get the response I want. I had the 2010 model that I replaced these with that had about 100 days on them and they didn't break down nearly as fast. I do not recommend these boots. The initial comfort is good but the durability doesn't match the price. They will be going back at the end of the season. I would send them back now but BC doesn't have Malamutes in my size anymore so now I'll have to suck it up with these for the rest of the season.


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This is a great all mountain ripper in my opinion. I have 13 days on this thing and is never has disappointed me. The snow conditions in Summit County have been less than ideal so far and thing works well in the icy hard pack. It's super stable...camrock just works for me. I like the feel modified magnetraction compared to Lib/GNU or Rossi. I know because I've had all three and mellow mag is way better. It doesn't get too grabby and track like full mag can do, yet I'm always confident in my edge control. The only thing that might be better is Arbor's grip tech. Pop is good for natural hits. I had an Never Summer Proto CT originally but I sent it back. That board was way too loose and didn't grip well for me.

Buy this board, you won't regret it. It handles steeps and speed well...I can't wait to take it out is some pow. My only gripe is that the top sheet glassing has dimple imperfections. I've seen this in almost every AMT.

On another note...Backcountry needs to carry YES. I like Nidecker's builds. YES would give some more selection on shapes with mellow mag and camrock.