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This jacket looks quite nice on. They run a tiny bit large, so if you are on the border it may be best to go with a smaller size. It definitely keep me warm and dry, which is the goal of any SB jacket. However, I would like to see more pockets. When I head out for a day of riding, I don't like to stop until the last chair turns. That means that I like to fill up my pockets with tools, snacks, and all of the other various accoutrement that helps me enjoy a day on the hill. These are sadly missing on this jacket, but that may be necessary to achieve the refined, simplistic look this jacket has. Also, beware that one of the chest pockets isn't actually a pocket, but just an opening to the inside of the jacket. I'm not sure what the point of this is, but I found it to be pretty useless. Despite this minor gripe, this is a stylish, functional piece of kit!


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There are no gimmicks involved in this binding. It seems like the only time you give too much thought to your binding is when they are giving you trouble. You will not have to worry about that with these binding, they are just a functional piece of hardware that you can chuck on your board and enjoy!