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I was looking forward to using these. They have a lot of very good features. One problem though; I found the toe strap to be useless. I wear a pair of 9.5 Salomon Malamutes. Width wise the Malamutes fit snugly into the binding (size large), however, the toe strap would not hold my toe down no matter how tight I tightened the straps.... before putting my foot in (no ratchet, both sides have compression levers). I'm not sure why they used angled plastic straps. Straight ones would work perfectly and would be even better with a ratchet on one side.

Another issue is the highback lever. It's aluminum, the flexible clip that it locks into is soft plastic. I'm not sure if these were already returned once, but after mounting these to my board and having made a few forward lean adjustments the clip was beginning to wearing down. Not good, I hadn't even used them. Hard plastics or metal would be best for the clip.

If someone were to do a little modification to a gettagrip capstrap I'm sure these would be much more functional. For $300 I don't want to have to do a modification.

If these issues get fixed, I'ld definitely try these again. I'm not going to hold my breath.

I'll stick my flow nxt-fse's.


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I thought Salomon shoes were good. No, they suck compared to these. These are; lighter, better cushioned, skin and toe friendly, rock grabbing and better looking.
I've been using these to trail running, street running and hiking. I wear boots for longer, heavier hiking for the support and durability, but for everything else.... I go in these.
I want to wear these everywhere for everything, but they are smelly because of all the sweat I produce while wearing them. Which means..... I have to buy another pair.


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My head measurement is about 22.5", the medium fits perfectly, no strange pressure points on my head (I'm certainly not a Swede, however, I may seem a little alienish to some) . The sizes can very from line to line. In the other models the larges had a better fit; receptor bug, frontal, skull light.

Could have saved myself $40 if I had ordered it from BC, but I wanted to try it on @ a local shop and then figured.... eh, why not support the local economy from time to time.


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I'm new to snowboarding and they are the only set of bindings I've used.

There are many different adjustments to dial in the fit. Easy to mount and hold your foot to the board well.

I have these mounted to a Head I. CT KERS board and use Salomon Malumute Boots. Everything seems to work well together.

Please take this with a grain of salt because I've only been snowboarding a handful of times. What I can tell you is that none of the equipment has caused any problems.