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I had usually always rocked Burton Bindings in the past, but last season I picked up a pair of T. Rice's Union Factory binders. Everyone has been raving about how GOOD Union bindings were to I jumped on the bandwagon. They were pretty decent overall, but I felt they were just lacking: seemed a little heavy, decent ankle straps, and the adjustment/functionality were slightly off par. I thought that I'd like them the more I rode them, but that wasn't the story. I needed something more.

This season I saw that Burton was releasing the Cartel LTD's with the new Hammock ankle strap. I was super weary about the non-padded ankle strap and how comfy it really was. I saw the reviews about how luxurious it felt, so I had to get in on the action.

First impression - SO DAMN COMFORTABLE!!! You can really crank these straps down and there are literally no pressure points. The super wide Hammock straps are nice and wide with a lot of surface space to disperse any type of pressure. And the buckles are super smooth operators. Once I got all the micro-adjustments down packed, these are easily the BEST and most comfortable bindings I've ridden. These are rated at an 8 from Burton's stiffness scale, but I'm more of an all-around freestyle rider and I didn't notice any problems when doing any presses, butters, boxes, rails, or jumps. These are a solid A++ binding for anyone looking to step their game up with a super comfy and versatile all-around binding. Basically....if you are questioning your current bindings, stop messing around with them and get some Cartel LTD's.


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I bought this board in replacement of my original YES. Dudes of History 152cm with Abe Lincoln's big ol' head on the nose/tail - that board was incredible. And I wanted something just like it but with a little softer flex. The Jackpot is where it's at, I went with the 152cm again and have gotten to shred it pretty hard and put her to the test.

With just a tad more butter-abilities, this baby can hold it down anywhere on the mountain whether in the park, booters, steeps, and deep pow. It is exactly what I was looking for, and lighter than my previous YES. Needless to say, YES. never disappoints. And the sintered base is super fast!!! I will never buy anything but a YES. board ever again. Just sayin.


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I picked up this bad Larry in replacement of my 686 Limited Edition Times New Era Down jacket. The 686 was an amazing jacket, but the hood was really small and the cuffs around your wrists were a little tight, making it hard to squeeze your gloves under there.

The DC Stage 14 Down jacket makes up for everything!!! I'm 5'5" and went with the size medium. The fit is a little long and slightly bigger than my 686, but not in a bad way. This jacket is super warm, comfy, mad steezy, and has some real good features. Wrist gators are on point, cuffs are plenty big enough for any glove to go under, waist gator with belt snaps, mesh lined pit vents to dump the heat, and interior pockets/media storage is great. I haven't had a chance to put use into the Respirator Breathing System but it looks pretty awesome and seems like a good/high quality system, super soft and plush, and very breathable.

Really, the only thing I didn't like very much was the hidden neck pouch for the face mask. The mask kinda just sits at the bottom of the pouch all bunched up, so it feels like there is a lump on the back of your neck. If anything, just take the face mask out and you're all set. There are plenty of other pockets to put it in. Also no pass pocket or sleeve.


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I've been and avid shredder for about 16 years and hit everything from the park - rails, boxes, and booters, to all-mountain killing it. I bought these Rome 390 Boss bindings to replace the size MED. 2010 Burton Malavita's on my Great Dude's of History YES. Board, Abe Lincoln 152cm. I contacted Rome and they suggested I order the L/XL for my 2011 size 9 Burton Grail boots.

It took me about a solid hour to have these bad boys fully dialed in and set up due to all the customization you can do to them. They were pretty dope at first - The ankle straps are super beefy and comfy with some real good padding, toe straps were sick too, giving you a real good solid hold on your boot with no slippage. I took them out to shred for a day and the more I rode them, the more and more I started to really dislike them. For some reason, I was getting a pinching sensation in the heel of the binding, almost like they were too narrow in that area. The biggest complaint I had was the fact that these are SO DAMN HEAVY compared to my old Burtons!!! The whole base of the binding is made of metal which is good for durability, but they seemed to add some major weight to the board overall. Holy hell, it seriously felt like I had a few pounds of snow hanging onto my board when going up the lift.

I wasn't really diggin the weight and feel of these so in the box they went, and shipped back for return. The next day, I immediately put my old Malavita's back on and WOW, such a difference in performance and feel. Sorry Rome, these just aren't for me. Reduce the weight by a few pounds and maybe we'll talk.